ALERT: Signs Popping Up On Dump Trucks DON’T MEAN WHAT YOU THINK, Here’s What You NEED To Know


We have all seen the signs on trucks as you travel around your city or town or on the interstate – signs saying – “Stay Back! Not Responsible for Broken Windshields.”

But is that really accurate? Is it true?

Does a simple sign absolve a trucking company of responsibility if your windshield breaks from something that falls from their truck?


The simple answer is No…the sign is false.  Just because there is a sign it does not let a trucking or construction company off the hook.  A sign cannot be considered a contract that would prevent a motorist from presenting a claim for damages against a trucking or construction company.  At best the sign can be considered a warning to motorists.

Tennessee State Trooper Lt. Bill Miller states of the signs –

“…that would be a less than accurate statement. That is probably a method used to deter someone from calling and complaining trying to get their vehicle fixed.”



It is kind of scary to think that the only thing standing between you and a rock coming at you at very high velocity, or something bigger than a rock, is just a half inch thick piece of glass…yet a lawsuit may not necessarily be something you want to pursue as a “legal road to drive down” either….


According to attorney Brad Bonilla – the legal reason why it is difficult or even impossible many times to pursue damages in a court of law is because you will have to identify that exact truck and the exact truck driver that caused said property damage. Bonilla explains that in a court of law it would be necessary to get the who, what, when, where, how type of information in order to make a successful legal claim against a company.  You need this sort of information before you could file a lawsuit, or a claim asking for their insurance to pay. Insurance companies state this is one of the most common claims they get — a rock damaging a windshield.

Bonilla states –

“I think this is a very common incident of people driving down the road, getting something dinged by a passing truck, car, whatever the situation may be. You’re going to have to be able to identify that truck, that truck driver, kind of get information about the who what when where how, so you can make a claim against the company. You’ve got to know who you’re suing, you can’t just say hey my car was hit I want to sue somebody.” 

He suggests if you want to pursue a legal claim then get the license plate number, Department of Transportation number, a physical description of the driver, a description of the road where you were traveling, as well as noting the date, time, and location of the incident where the damage took place. However, it is worth noting that if you do successfully take the claim to court – you can only get the cost of the damage to your vehicle.  You cannot collect attorney fees so it may cost more to pursue that you will receive in compensation. Then there is always the chance the ruling could go against you as well….then you are out attorney fees plus the cost of repairs.

“The motorist assumes some risk if they follow too closely behind one of these big trucks carrying a load of rocks.”

A load is required by law to be secure and not overfilled.  Companies are also required to wash off vehicles to prevent loose dirt, rocks, or other debris from flying off trucks and onto other motorists.



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