ALERT: Supreme Court Issues SHOCKING Ruling… Forces American Businesses To Bow To SHARIA LAW


Our rights and liberties are being trampled on by our very own Supreme Court… 



The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a Muslim woman’s favor who sued after being denied a job at an Abercrombie & Fitch Co clothing store in Oklahoma because she wore a head scarf for “religious reasons.”

The ruling was 8-1…

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The 1964 Civil Rights Act bans employment discrimination based on religious preference and practices among other things.


Here’s the deal.

She never said she wears that thing for religious reasons. How in the hell are they supposed to know she wears that thing under the guise of religion? And, maybe the store doesn’t want an employee wearing that on their head! LMAO! What is so hard to understand about that? Doesn’t a business have the right to hire who they want anymore?


Apparently not. 

The 1 Judge that didn’t rule in her favor was Judge Clarence Thomas who has the common sense to see the difference between what amounts to a ‘dress code’ and RACISM! Good for you Judge Thomas!

The other Judges basically ruled that employers need ESP to know that a scarf on someone’s head is a religious thing! LMAO! My mom wore a scarf all the time and let me assure you, she was no MUSLIM! R.I.P. Mom. I love you.

This is a disturbing ruling, because it trumps the rights of business to deny people jobs based on a piece of clothing that may or may not have religious significance. Sharia law is based on this sort of intolerance for any dissent. Sharia law is all about control, and this ruling is uncomfortably close to that. (H/T Conservative Tribune)

Patriots and countrymen, BEWARE! We are being invaded and the Supreme Court is not exactly on the side of America as we knew it. Times have changed and not for the better…

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  1. dragonflash says:

    I wonder how they would feel if someone dressed from head to toe came walking into their courtroom and STAYED covered, including their eyes. HOW would you know if that was a man or woman and WHAT WAS UNDER THAT COVER-UP?? Can you say suicide bomber?

  2. What the hell is wrong with this country and with the supreme court? Since when does our country honor the laws of any other country or religion (Sharia law). These “justices” are nothing but jokes and are an insult to the intelligence of Americans who seem to remember we have a constitution, have and use the brains GOD gave them unlike Congress, the Administration and the supreme court, we also have common sense which apparently none of the above were given and if they were they lost it … God only knows where.
    You people have to remember what country you are in, what the laws of this land are and you are accountable to the taxpayers of this country.

    • Matthew Faulhaber says:

      You do realize some orthodox Jews follow a Jewish version of Sharia law and that such laws are recognized by the states?

    • This rant is an insult to the intelligence of all Americans! No single person, rich or poor (or taxpayer), old or young, or any entity, organization, business or political party, is above the Constitution of the United States. The Supreme Court, which exists to uphold the integrity of the Constitution, has ruled many moons ago, no one person shall be discriminated against, denied entrance or employment based on gender, race, creed, sexuality, or religion. The only thing this ruling has done is reaffirm previous rulings on the Constitution. By the way, the Supreme Court Justices might be paid with tax dollars, but they answer to no one but the Constitution of the U.S. They don’t answer to the Legislation or the Executive branches. It’s called separation of powers. So, they definitely aren’t going to answer to taxpayers. We don’t even vote for them. They’re appointed. This is what’s wrong with America, ignorant ranting call-to-arms! This is a wake-up call, fellow Americans. Please educate yourselves more before getting yourselves into a frenzy over nothing.

      • Us not voting for them is part of the problem, Look who we are allowing to make the decision of who gets to be a Supreme Court Justice. Not only should be be voting for them there should be term limits. They all seem to be throwing the Constitution away.
        Dragonflash has a point…. Do you want to be in a courtroom, in a theater, classroom or on a plane with someone dressed in black head to toe with only their eyes showing (he said their eyes were covered) but you get the point. Radicals are not limited to men, suicide bombers are not limited to men and in these burkas how do you know?

        But that is not the point of the article. A store has a dress code that all their employees adhere to or they don’t work there… simple. If this young woman choses to adhere to the dress code fine, if not find a job elsewhere. Schools have dress codes, Congress has a dress code, many businesses have dress codes (i.e. restaurants). What it boils down to is the Supreme Court should have thrown this out of court. It seems of late Congress and the Courts seem to be afraid of offending anyone. This PC crap has got to stop. If you are not American and are here legally or ILLEGALLY — ADAPT or go back where you came from.

        • First …. there are no “terms” for the Supreme Court. The Founding Fathers made the court as separate from day to day politics ON PURPOSE for a reason.

          If the “dress code” included no necklaces with crosses you would be screaming bloody murder. The fact that it came out 8-1, with the 1 being a corporate tool, should tell you something. Religious freedom means freedom for EVERYONE, not just YOU.

          • I am well aware there are no term limits for the Supreme Court. I am saying there should be. This should NOT be an appointment for life. Justices who CANNOT stay awake during a proceeding, should not be there nd should be replaced. I think Supreme Court Justices should be HONORED to serve for say 10 years, then step down for another generation of ideas. Since the President nominates the prospective justice and Congress approves or denies it… don’t try to tell us Politics is not involved… that is pure BS.

            As for your other comments about me screaming bloody murder, what a waste of space. Businesses should be able to have dress codes. It is simple as that. You don’t know me or I you. Based on your comments I believe you are one of those liberal PC people. I’m not! I watch out for my safety and that of my family. I want to see who I am sitting next to or who I am talking to.

            I would love to be a fly on the wall just to see the look on your face the next time you get on a plane, train, bus or walk into your favorite grocery store and a Muslim covered head to toe in black sits down next to you or gets behind you online. You have no idea if it is a man or woman, or what is under that garment. Would you pick another line, ask to have your seat changed or get off the plane, train or bus? I’ll save you the problem of guessing. I would get off the that mode of transportation. I’m not sure if I would change lines or leave the store. I guess it would depend on the situation.

        • Denise Wilson says:


          • Obviously you didn’t read the post correctly. Of Course I know these INCOMPETENTS are appointed. That was my point by saying they should be elected with term limits. And yes they are lawyers and most are judges from other courts. They should be experts in CONSTITUTIONAL Law. It is painfully questionable that some of them are even aware we have a Constitution.

      • Denise Wilson says:


  3. Erik Carlisle says:

    i would never enter a store with a muzzie pig on display.

    • ronkgman says:

      That’s right, she may be casing the place for a future bombing event!! This is another example of our freedoms being taken away. Since when does a business owner not have a voice in who they employ, or serve. We are headed for trouble, and the SCOTUS is leading us there with this type of ruling!!

      • Eric Poling says:

        LOL The chances of anybody bombing Abercrombie & Fitch for religious purposes is just laughable. Maybe because they are arrogant jerks, but I know a lot of people who would bomb them for that.

  4. Betty Mullins says:

    WHAT ,? ? ? ? ???????? ??????? ?????

  5. the supreme court can stuff it up their asses

  6. unfortunately that business will not survive – no one in their right mind would ever enter that store

  7. Cheryl Allen says:

    I am NOT a Muslim or a Sharia Law Advocate in Anyway BUT I do believe that this would fall under the Freedom of Religion Law. I wear a Crucifix and so does my sister. She was working at a Hot Dog Company, that will remain unnamed, and was forced to take her’s off while at work. I STILL believe it was wrong for her to have to do that. Now that this Woman has WON her fight we Christians will be able to wear Our Religious Icons. Wouldn’t Most Companies allow a Jewish Man to wear his cap? So I guess I kinda see this the same way. Just Sayin’

  8. AF Sarge says:

    Here I am back again and no I haven’t moved to Syria. If this was a Christian and a Cross which I am and which I have. You would scream boycott Abercrombie & Fitch. Do only Christians get Freedom of Religion or did the Founding Fathers who knew about Islam, mean it for everyone. I know that the Oath I took DID not say Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States only for Christians. The way I see this article is we don’t have to employ a guy who wants to wear a hat at work see yarmulkes Oh our Beliefs are too weak to withstand Islam. Shame on you, do you believe that we will fall to Islam We are Americans we are Christians and we are Warriors Islam can not succeed here. The Court didn’t give this woman or Islam anything they didn’t have a right to under our own rules.

    • Nick Aschenbecker says:

      Yeah. You hit a nail on the head here. Our tax dodging, slave owning forefathers guaranteed equality to all white males and freedom to practice whatever form of Protestantism you choose. But coons, kikels and Catholics need not apply.

    • John Jakob says:

      This is not about religion . This is about a dress code for a business . Anyone who has a business should have the right to enforce a dress code they seem fit for their business . And a head scarf or anything is a statement that maybe that business does not wish to have front and center for their business, And this was a frivolous law suit to begin with . Abercrombie and Finch are not a company that fits in with Islamic morals so why is she applying there . Muslims are slimy , lying opportunists .

      • Okay so if they say you can’t display a cross on your clothes or you can’t wear a yarmulkes at work you will go along because it a dress code. I have reread the first amendment nope doesn’t say unless it is against the businesses dress code. I don’t care if she wore it to keep warm it is generally recognized as a religious article of clothing. If we as Americans can’t stand behind our Constitution then we have already lost.

      • David Barkin says:

        Err, it was her lawyers trying the case, and it was about religion. I.e. Her Right Under OUR Constitution to have her religion. If she can be denied employment for exercising her religious rights, then Anyone can be fired for exercising theirs.

        It’s really a very simple matter for Real Americans.

      • If they tried to make Suzie Megachristian remove the large gold cross necklace you would be screaming bloody murder.

  9. Nick Aschenbecker says:

    This is the most retarded article I ever read. Ever heard of freedom of religion? Yeah. Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin? Ringing a bell? And if you don’t know that moslem women wear hoods, might want to buy a TV. And what kind of journalist says “LOL” in a legitimate news article? Seriously, does your mom know you’re playing on the computer?

  10. John Jakob says:

    Not long ago a judge sided with a Muslim business that forced a non-muslim worker to wear a head scarf . This is nuts . Does that mean a person wearing a burqa could make an employer put up with that in their own business . Nothing in the Quran specifically states what the dress code is . So do we have to bow to every interpretation of a religion that can’t agree on anything . Muslims are only causing their own demise because noone will want to have anything to do with them . People will not hire them , befriend them , or help them and they will come to despise them . That is already happening . They cause friction everywhere . They are the most miserable people on the planet and they cause misery everywhere .



    We need to hold more of these type of protests ( Like They Did In Phoenix Arizona ) all over our wonderful country ( USA ) and at every mosque, to ” TAKE BACK OUR FREEDOM ” in our own country … is 100% behind this and will attend the next rally ….. nobody will come to our country and try to scare us or our FREEDOM !!!! No One !!!!

    If the Muslims want to stay in our WONDERFUL COUNTRY then they need to understand that we go to other countries and defend our right to freedom when it is threatened and we certainly will kick your butts here in our own WONDERFUL COUNTRY TO PROTECT OUR KIDS AND RIGHT TO FREEDOM …so if you fanatics want a fight we will give you one and ” YOU WILL LOSE ” !!!!

    LASVEGASCOMPLAINTS.COM WILL BACK THIS MOVEMENT AGAINST mahammad or any other threat here in the GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and mahammad your mosque’s which you are using to hide and train sleeper cells here in our country will be watched, protested against and stopped on the spot if you threaten our PEOPLE !!!

    WE WILL BE ARMED & WE ARE ALREADY TRAINED , YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT !!!!! THIS IS OUR GREAT COUNTRY !!!! Share This and Spread The Word All Through America !!!

    By: MB


  12. Matthew Faulhaber says:

    We had a Hasidic Jew who followed Jewish Sharia Law. He was well qualified for the job he held. Are you saying you believe it is legal to discriminate against him because Sharia Law dictates his dress code? Do you believe it is appropriate to discriminate based on another person’s religion? Check the US Constitution. I do believe there is something in there regarding religious freedom.

  13. Posty_McPostsalot says:


  14. OK, Now tell me.

    How can a company telling a woman how and when she can have children be “freedom of religion” for the company, but refusing to allow a person of faith wear the religious clothing of their faith be an “unnecessary burden”?

    Are corporations (manufactured entities of groups of people for the purpose of doing business) the only ones that have “Rights”, now?

  15. i don’t like them colored people. what’s the court gonna do next, make me hire them for a job i should be giving to a REALAMERICAN©?

  16. Greg Angus says:

    Y’all haters are hilarious. End of comment.

  17. James Twist says:

    This is how religious freedom works. It doesn’t only work for Christians.

  18. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

    Definitely not my fathers America 🙁

  19. Donna Lampkin says:

    The ass in the WH can’t get enough of this trash here in the states. Sick of him and this crap. Get the hell out of you don’t like it here! I refuse to have any of this trash serve me. If this is all the store has, I can shop elsewhere.

  20. Peter L Marzullo says:

    I agree. We and our government have been and are being infiltrated by those in favor of Islamic Sharia which is by it’s own nature and essence,in direct opposition to religious freedoms guaranteed to us via the USA Constitution. They,Islamists or Muslims are using our own laws against us. Case in point,our own freedom of religion which they are using to enact new laws in favor of their intolerant Islamic Sharia. Islamic Sharia has to be one of,if not the most,intolerant and restrictive set of religious laws,rules,cultures and customs to ever hit our shores. Look at what is happening in the UK and the rest of the EU with few exceptions like Norway which is deporting all illegal alien Muslims and their crime rate dropped by some 30% almost over night! On the other side of the world,Australia won’t even allow boatloads of “refugees” to land on their shores and are turning said boats around after offering them food,water and medical care as well as sea worthy vessels sending them back to where they came from. Canada,probably the most socialist country in on the North American continent put an end to “anchor babies” some time ago when they realized that far too many Chinese women were going there when they were 8 to 8.5 months pregnant so that their babies would automatically become Canadian citizens by virtue of simply being born there. We need to do things and enact laws like thee here in the USA. Let them call us racists or Islamaphobes if they choose to but it will be the right thing to do for those who immigrate here legally as well as for our own safety as well.

  21. dorothy drakes says:

    They have to abide by our laws in our land we need to learn to RESPECT their laws in their land,or are we the rulers of the world now hummm

  22. My bet is they tried to make Suzie Megachristian remove the large gold cross necklace you would be screaming bloody murder.

  23. dragonflash says:

    DID she WEAR her burka to the interview–NO did she tell the person who was interviewing her she would prefer to wear the buka-NO this wasn’t about working there, this was and is about forcing sharia law on The United States.

  24. Reta Mae Cherry says:

    No one is more racist than Obama’s Islam. The Liberal word “Diversity” is nothing more than a codeword for White Genocide, and “anti-racist” is nothing more than a codeword for anti-White. Gvmt is in operation to wipe out the white race, and it’s cultures, because they believe that will do away with Jesus Christ. This is a process, that is being done with a lot of smoke and mirrors. The truth is the truth, no matter who it hurts. Being of Native American descent, I can sympathize with what WE THE PEOPLE, of this nation are going through.

  25. pinksugar says:

    You have your freedoms and your religion on your own time. When she punches that clock, she is selling her freedom to someone else while they pay her. She isn’t at work getting paid to ‘be her religion’ she is at work to make them money or there is no reason for her to be there.

  26. Jon Grimaldi says:

    SCOTUS !! Pffft more like SCrOTUmS

  27. SCOTUS is a complete waste. These type of things can be handled at local level. In this case this should not have gone further than the local magistrate. Americans and Christians continue to have their rights trampled on by the very people who are supposed to enforce our rights. TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK OR LOSE IT. Enough of this stupidity.

  28. Over_the_top56 says:

    It doesnt say in the Koran that the women should cover up. Its cultural and it varies from one Muslim nation to another. No freaking way should we give in on those rag heads

  29. ……..I own two stores. try and tell me who I have to hire. i’ll close those stores before anybody tells me how to run them………………..sad America

  30. HavocNHell says:

    I seriously wonder how gullible many of you are? No such case was heard before SCOTUS and it would appear on the docket on the website.

    Sheesh, next you are all owners of the Brooklyn Bridge and allow free Unicorn Rides on Sundays.

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