ALERT: Teachers Are Now RAPING Little Kids…. Here’s A Horrific Story


It seems adults that prey on the most vulnerable among us are rampant these days.

One cannot turn on the news without seeing Hollywood, the mainstream media, and even Washington and their blatant deviance using their position as a means to victimize others.

Now we find yet another person put into a position of authority, a position of trust with those most precious – our children – has been arrested on charges that he molested a 12-year-old girl.


Former “substitute teacher of the year” Chad Zitner was a teacher at Broadway High School in Northern California’s San Jose Unified School District.

The 45-year-old Zitner taught a summer math course called “Math Enrichment” at a camp in Saratoga, a small town in Santa Clara County.

Santa Clara County is located roughly an hour south of San Francisco.


Zitner has worked with San Jose Unified since 2004.


He was once named Substitute Teacher of the Year in the Mountain View Los Altos High School District and was a well-respected basketball coach at Mountain View High School. He has worked at Broadway High School since 2015.

Zitner was arrested Tuesday afternoon on a $300,000 arrest warrant for lewd and lascivious acts with a child.

He met the girl at the camp while teaching with Math Enrichment. At the end of the summer camp, the girl reported to her mother that Zitner had touched her inappropriately on multiple occasions prompting the Santa Clara County’s Sexual Assault Investigation Unit to investigate the claim.

Zitner was immediately placed on leave from San Jose Unified as soon as school officials were made aware of the ongoing investigations into his sick acts against a 12-year-old child.

The school district states they are closely working with the sheriff’s office noting Zitner was put on leave within minutes of his actions against the girl were made known. The district has stated he will not teach again unless law enforcement clears him of all charges.

According to The Mercury News, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office stated in a news release of what happened –

“At some point after the conclusion of the camp, the victim disclosed to her mother that Zitzner had touched her inappropriately on multiple occasions while at camp.” 

Earlier this year the chief financial officer of a center that serves some of Santa Clara County’s most vulnerable youths – the Bill Wilson Center, was arrested on charges of child pornography. The provides services for or performs outreach to at least 5,100 runaways and homeless youths each year. 63-year-old David Bruce Lang was arrested in March 2017.

According to an article from SFWeekly from 2011, Santa Clara County may have a history of aiding and abetting this sort of victimization of children via the court system as well.

Placing children with their abusers in cases of divorce or custody, assisting pedophiles rather than their victims, and generally further victimizing the vulnerable.

California courts ruled in 2015 that the law to keep convicted sex offenders from living near schools and parks violates their constitutional rights.

It is little wonder that sexual deviance seems almost the norm among certain segments of society when the very entities that exist to hold such crimes accountable refuse to do so and instead aid and abet them in their victimization of the vulnerable.

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