ALERT: Thanks To Biden ISIS Terrorists Will Be Ready To ATTACK America In 6 Months Or Less According To THIS Accurate Source


The consensus at the pentagon is that ISIS-K will be able to start attacking US interests in as soon as six months. They did not specify if they mean our interests abroad or our interest right here at home. But, in my opinion, the timeline is probably the same. That is because they can penetrate our border easily in less than a day, thanks to Joe Biden and fellow Communists.

That does not even include all of the Afghanis who could be members of the Taliban. The Biden team packed planes in Kabul with unvetted Afghanis, not even bothering to get their names.

That was actually ordered by Biden himself, according to recent reports.

The taxpayers could be providing food, electricity, and housing for those who end up attacking us, although I truly hope that does not happen. But, as we saw with the Boston marathon bombers, they were collecting welfare at the time of their terror attack. And we had ignored Russia’s warnings about the brothers

Colin Kahl, the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) about Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Kahl testified that “current assessments by the intelligence committee” indicate that both ISIS-K and Al Qaeda are gearing up to conduct international operations.

Kahl said:

“We’re actually fairly certain that they have the intention to do so.”

“We could see ISIS-K generate that capability in somewhere between six or 12 months, according to current assessments by the intelligence committee. And for al-Qaida, it would take a year or two to reconstitute that capability. We have to remain vigilant against that possibility.”

From The Daily Caller:

Director for Operations for the Joint Staff Lt. Gen. James Mingus explained that the intelligence community estimates come with a caveat – it’s “based on no U.S. or coalition intervention,” he said.

“The goal would be to keep those time horizons where they’re at now or push them even further,” Mingus told lawmakers, adding that the expectation is that the Taliban will help because the group is at odds with ISIS-K.

President Joe Biden’s administration has vowed to “maintain the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan” even without a ground presence, as he noted during remarks on Aug. 31.

“We have what’s called over-the-horizon capabilities, which means we can strike terrorists and targets without American boots on the ground — or very few, if needed,” Biden said.

He has no idea what in the hell he is doing.

Biden is destroying America.

He is clearly DEMENTED.

And the democrats are insane and want to spend trillions of dollars on a bunch of garbage that we will be paying for.

America is in trouble.

Shit is going to HIT THE FAN and it’s going to get very ugly.

Be prepared.

We are at war.

The government has way too much control over us peasants and Americans from all political parties are catching on.

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God Bless.

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