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Are we headed for an American holocaust? With everything turned upside down and everyone pitted against each other, I believe so. Call me crazy or a tinfoil hat wearing fool, but the things going on right under our noses says otherwise.

I will list some steps to show the citizens it is inevitable. Gregory H. Stanton revealed a briefing paper, in 1996, to the State Department. It included the eight steps of genocide and said it is a process that is predictable. Our worthless administration already has the country divided and on the verge of another civil war, and it was his intentions all along, in my opinion.


Stage One: Classification
Stanton asserts that all cultures categorize people into “us and them” groups. The divisions are often made by using the variables of ethnicity, race, religion and nationality. America is in the process of giving back the progress made by such pioneers as Martin Luther King. Blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans are increasingly polarizing away from the common theme that we are all God’s children in which most of us share our unique American heritage.

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Stage Two: Symbolization
Sociologists and anthropologists tell us that classification and symbolization are universally common to every society. However, it is reaching alarming levels in contemporary America.
Thanks to the race baiting efforts of people like Eric Holder and the current President, the races are further apart than ever before. For example, we hear phrases which serve to differentiate individuals. For example, I see reference to terms such as the “African-American community, or the Latino Community, or the Asian Community.” It is never the “White community” because that would be considered to be racist. We are Americans who have roots in other countries or regions of the world. But we are Americans first and foremost. We should all be proud of our heritage, but our pride in our background should not replace what we are today which should be an identification that we are Americans bound the respect of all individuals and a desire to protect each other’s freedoms. When we consciously divide ourselves along our divisions of background, we defeat what it is to be an American and we lose our sense of national unity and this is what the globalists desire as they topple this country. America has entered into the hyphenated race wars courtesy of the globalists and their controlled politicians and media. These practices successfully seek to keep us distracted, keep us divided by destroying our sense of nationalism, through this artificial symbolism, and the day will come when all of us hyphenated people will never know what has hit us and we will unfortunately lack the common identity to band together against the forces that seek to enslave us and that day is now at our doorstep.


Stage Three: Dehumanization
Today the list of dehumanized individuals has increased a 1000 fold as DHS’s MIAC Reportand the recent DHS intelligence briefings are dehumanizing and labeling veterans, former Ron Paul supporters, Second Amendment supporters, Constitutionalists, Bible-believing Christians and Libertarians as domestic terrorists. In other words, if you are just a regular American, you are a terrorist in the eyes of the globalist bankers who have hijacked this nation.
In fact, the above mentioned groups are not Americans, DHS is labeling them as sovereign citizens who lurk around every corner ready to set off a deadly biological, chemical or nuclear attack. This is total dehumanization.

Stage Four and Five: Organization and Preparation
Genocide is always carried out by the government. They often use militias to provide deniability of state responsibility, but genocide is always state sponsored.
At this stage, plans are made for genocidal killings. Do we have such plans in the United States? Why yes we do! Why did DHS buy 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition? Why did DHS purchase 2700 armored personnel carriers? Is it hunting season over at DHS? Who constitutes the newest of the “big game” for DHS and their newly acquired arsenal? Over five rounds of ammunition for every man women and child in America should be enough to get your attention. There are 800 detention facilities that are being fully staffed and operational.
Why was the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order passed? This order allows conscription for both civilian and military duty. All food is controlled by the government. All resources, including bank accounts, businesses and industry are controlled by the government under martial law conditions. This Executive Order gives the President the authority to declare martial law on his/her volition.
As the drought worsens, Jade Helm or its successor will be in place to facilitate the evacuation of California and eventually, the entire Southwest due to “water shortages”. Jade Helm represents tyranny of the highest order and organization directed at the American people from the pinnacle of power in this country.


Stage Six: Polarization
It simply means a sharp division, as of a population or group, into opposing factions.
Political polarization is the defining feature of early 21st century American politics, both among the public and elected officials. Republicans and Democrats are further apart ideologically than at any point in recent history. Growing numbers of Republicans and Democrats express highly negative views of the opposing party. And to a considerable degree, polarization is reflected in the personal lives and lifestyles of those on both the right and left.

Stages Seven and Eight: Extermination and Denial
After the accomplishments of the other six stages the last two are the final peg to eradicate the unwanted groups like right wing extremists. After all they have been labeled as terrorists by the government. Of course after the extermination the ones in charge will erase the history and pretend it never happened, resulting in a more docile and controllable population. It will then become modern day Nazi Germany and the one world government will come into play.

It is just redneck prophecy on my part, but it’s all there in those steps. We have so much civil distress and it’s getting to the point neighbors are being violent with each other.

From our civil liberties being stripped away to the taking down of the Rebel flag. There are no such thing as laws anymore, congress and the whole lot of them wipe their feet on the American people. We definitely need to prepare ourselves and not be so complacent.

This is not fear mongering, these are the facts. Do your research and open your eyes to what’s going on. It’s only going to get worse, not better and all of these distractions are doing exactly what they were meant to do.

Source- The Commonsense Show


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