ALERT: Tim Kaine Called For The DEATH Of President Trump

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Remember This??

The scumbags on the left have collectively lost their freaking minds over this whole Russian conspiracy garbage and after the meeting President Trump’s eldest son had with a Russian lawyer they are calling for President Trump to get the death penalty! 

That’s right folks, failed vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine has called for the President’s execution because of the RUSSIANS!


According to Kaine, Trump and his son have committed treason by “colluding” with the Russians, which is completely unfounded.

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“The investigation — it’s not, nothing is proven yet — but we’re now beyond obstruction of justice in terms of what’s being investigated,” Sen. Tim Kaine, Virginia Democrat, told reporters Tuesday. “This is moving into perjury, false statements and even, potentially, treason.”


Treason is a capital offense in this country, so one can only conclude by his statement is that President Trump should die because he’s guilty of treason.


Unbelievable! What made his face look that? What a mess.

What’s more unbelievable is that this is coming from a man who ran on the ticket with Hillary Clinton- you know, the one who actually colluded with the Ukrainian government!

Will Ricciardella at The Daily Caller reports that as early as last year, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign collaborated with a foreign government to dig up opposition research on Trump.

It happens all the time and mostly by Democrats!

1. Ted Kennedy-KGB collaboration

Democrats, leery of President Ronald Reagan’s deployment of intermediate range nuclear weapons to Western Europe in response to the Soviets deployment of nuclear weapons to Eastern Europe, argued it would lead to nuclear war.

Kennedy’s plans to help the Russians were twofold: First, a summer meeting with Andropov to “arm” the Soviets with “explanations” pertaining to problems of nuclear disarmament, hoping they would sound more convincing “during appearances” in the U.S. Secondly, to help “influence” Americans, by organizing televised interviews with Andropov in the U.S.


2. Asiagate

President Bill Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) “solicit[ed] illegal foreign contributions from Asian sources before the 1996 presidential election,” Townhall reports. The Washington Post reported in 1998 that “federal surveillance intercepts” compiled evidence showing the “Chinese government planned to increase China’s influence in the U.S. political process” during the 1996 presidential campaign,

A DNC and Clinton contact, Liu Chaoying, the daughter of the senior commander of Red China’s People’s Liberation Army, funneled money from Chinese intelligence business accounts meant “to influence” political campaigns in the U.S. through an American businessman and into the hands of the DNC.

After Clinton’s re-election, the DNC “was forced to return more than $2.8 million in illegal or inappropriate foreign donations.”

3. Hillary Clinton and DNC-Ukrainian government collaboration

Alexandra Chalupa, a DNC operative, who previously worked in the Clinton White House, collaborated with the Ukrainian government and journalists to generate Russia-related opposition research on Trump and his then campaign manager, Paul Manafort. Chalupa shared her findings with the DNC and Clinton campaign seeking an edge in what would turn out to be a close election.

The DNC encouraged Chalupa to arrange an “interview” with Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, discussing Manafort’s connection to Viktor Yanukovych, a former pro-Russian president of Ukraine.

Like I said, colluding with foreign governments is nothing new.

Charles Hurt at Breitbart has more:

The Clintons would NEVER search for dirt against a political opponent. Just ask Bernie Sanders, Vince Foster or Barack Obama. (The conversation with one of those three would be a trifle one-sided.) Or Monica Lewinsky!

And if they ever did accidentally stumble upon the dirt of an opponent, the Clintons would be TOTALLY forthcoming about it when asked about it. It is the Clinton way. Just ask Ken Starr.

And, famously, President Obama would never stoop so low as to allow the world’s most powerful espionage apparatus to spy on his political opponents — except for all the times he did. In the past year. That we know about.

So here we are on the heels of an election during which the last president’s administration spied on political opponents who were campaigning for the White House.

And now — in the bitterness of defeat — one of the chief losers of that campaign — who somehow still holds a position of political authority — declares that the investigation into the president is so serious that the firing squad should be fixing bayonets.

Yes, this is how bad things had become around here. The political establishment is now so lazy, self-serving and entrenched that spying on political opponents and suggesting they be put do death is only natural for them. This is just how things work in a klepto-thugogracy.

Simply unbelievable.

God Bless.

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