ALERT: What One Whistleblower Just Revealed About The Vaccine Will Blow You Away!

On Monday, Project Veritas released the first part of their #COVIDVaxEXPOSED series. Apparently, the powers that be are not telling us everything regarding this COVID vaccination, but the brave folks at Project Veritas are taking a stand and making sure that we can make an informed decision about the COVID vaccination.

Jodi O’Malley is a federal whistleblower who is working for the Health and Human Services went public with a litany of secret recordings revealing the truth about these COVID vaccines. It is making a lot of people stand up and take notice, and there are even some who are now having regrets about taking the COVID vaccine.

‘The government doesn’t want to show the COVID vaccine is full of sh*t,’ an ER doctor who works for the HHS said. ‘They want to shove an adverse effect reporting ‘under the mat.’


The recordings also demonstrated several other adverse items related to the shot. For example, there was a registered nurse who was recorded as saying that she has seen “a lot” of vaccinated people who were still getting sick, including with side effects but she also said that “no one is writing the VAERS report because it takes a half an hour to write the damn thing.”

So no one is elaborating on the side effects of the vaccine simply because it takes too long to fill out the report? What a shock. Government entities and corporations everywhere are trying to force us to take the vaccine, but they don’t tell us about the side effects? Well, so much for trusting Uncle Sam.

Joe Biden continues to impose a COVID vaccine mandate even though he knows full well that there are a lot of people who will have adverse reactions to them.

So, either way you look at it, there are still plenty of strong opinions regarding these COVID-19 vaccines.


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