BREAKING: All Hell BREAKS LOOSE At #ADayWithoutWomen March- LOOK What Is Happening


Today is the so-called “Day Without A Woman.” The idea is that women are supposed to abandon their jobs, their families, and any and all household duties for the day in order to protest … something! No one is clear exactly what that something is but these women are OPPRESSED….Why?  Well, REASONS! As was the case with the Women’s March, most of the people involved in this demonstration aren’t exactly sure why they’re involved. From my conversations with the feminists who are either supporting or participating in this strike/boycott/whatever it is most of them imagine that they are speaking out against some sort of perceived “inequality.”

If you DARE question the reason why? Well, you must need to “educate yourself.” As was the case with the Women’s March in Washington D.C., most of the people involved in this “demonstration” if you want to call it that, really are not exactly sure why they are involved, but somehow, some way the Patriarchy is keeping them DOWN! I guess they are protesting vague feelings now because when asked exactly HOW they are oppressed or unequal, there are no compelling examples, just a lot of angry insults.


I personally experienced this as I chose to post about my personal plans for #ADayWithoutWomen with this post on Sassy Liberty – 

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Many women across America identify with my feelings on this March in that it does not represent us, nor do we want any part of anything that these women stand for.  Many of us understand that there is HORRIBLE persecution of women and girls in other parts of the world and we are frankly baffled in the face of this, why THESE women and girls are not being spoken for.

My post was also the subject of vicious and unwarranted attack as well, being told to educate myself.


After proving I clearly HAD educated myself and read their Manifesto published in The Guardian on Feb. 6, on the march in question, this was the response —

Of course, no amount of facts provided were sufficient and personal attacks continued.  For those interested in learning more about the organizers of the march for the Day Without Women, please see hyperlinks throughout the article for additional sources.

To simply add fuel to the fire of the sort of women that are being discussed as participants in this so-called protest, activist Women’s March co-organizers Linda Sarsour, Tamika D. Mallory and Carmen Perez were arrested for disorderly conduct outside of Trump International Hotel in New York City, according to the Women’s March official Twitter page.

These women demanding “new wave of militant feminist struggle” gathered at 59th and 5th, on the southeast corner of Central Park marching down 59th Street towards Trump International Hotel on Wednesday. NYPD soon arrived and gave dispersal orders, giving several warnings. Sarsour and others refused, one was taken to the ground.

A picture posted to the Women’s March Twitter shows Sarsour, Paola Mendoza, Alyssa Klein, Carmen Perez, Bob Bland, and others in the back of an NYPD van after being arrested. “We are not sure what precinct we are being taken to at the moment. But we are together, reSisters,” the tweet reads.

Those that continue to defend Sarsour as some sort of “feminist hero” —


Still proud?  Still think she stands for women’s rights?

I am STILL waiting for the march for TRUE female oppression. This is not a means to show that women play a central role in society. This is a means to make women superior and men inferior while demonstrating a hatred for President Trump.  I am STILL waiting for answers about the women that chose to participate in this farcical nonsense masquerading as women’s liberation.  HOW, pray tell, are women in this country oppressed exactly? We have the right to an education, we are not forced to marry, to give birth in conditions where death is almost certain, we are not trafficked, we are not chattel. In many cases, women have MORE rights in the United States in that we have the right to murder our unborn – what man has that right? 

While at the same time there are young women like Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl who dared want to get an education under Taliban rule and was targeted for assassination and shot for her trouble. In the face of adversity that women in this country have NO idea what that even LOOKS like, THIS girl managed to start a movement at the age of 16, all because she wanted to learn to read.

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world”

If oppression is to be fought? WHY are we not speaking for THESE women? What oppression do you face? THIS is what oppression looks like!  Take your faux outrage and shove it, feminists!  You don’t speak for me. THIS is what I stand for.

God Bless.

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