Allen West Issues Nationwide ‘Confederate Flag Cake Challenge’ And It’s Going VIRAL…



As you know, Christians are being persecuted around the world and even here in the United States. Christian owned businesses are being targeted by liberals and are even getting sued for refusing service to gays and Muslims. Some of these Christians are actually losing their businesses as a result of the lawsuits. It’s truthfully way out of control. Personally I’m sick of it. And so is the great ALLEN WEST!

Mr.West has issued a nation wide challenge that thousands are liking! Liberals will hate this!

Written by Allen West – 

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Let me ask a couple hypothetical questions: what if a gay or lesbian bakery owner refused to bake a cake for a Ku Klux Klan rally? What if some bakers refused to make a cake with a Confederate flag on it, for a specific Civil War remembrance? What if a homosexual couple went to a Muslim bakery asking for a wedding cake and were refused? I’m quite sure you astute readers can guess the results in any of those vignettes — including, of course, how the liberal progressive media would respond.


In that spirit, I’d like to issue a challenge to this audience: how many of you can get a bakery near you to make a Confederate flag cake? If Christian bakers in the United States are now being forced to make same-sex wedding cakes that violate their religious beliefs, surely it’s incumbent upon all bakers to honor a request for a Confederate flag cake that pays homage to some Americans’ heritage. Give it your best shot, and send your stories and photos to We’ll share some of the highlights with the group. Let’s see how “equal” protection really is these days in the United States of America.

And to the radical gay community and progressive socialists, heed my words: your man Barack Obama was reelected in 2012 because some 7 to 8 million Christians decided to sit it out. Something tells me that won’t be the case in 2016, as you can push folks around only so far — nah, I ain’t into the turning the other cheek thing. I prefer the Samson approach: take the jaw bone of a jackass and crush skulls, or use my strength to destroy the opposition’s temple — notice I used a small “t.”

Always remember: they may be called the “Supreme” court, but they are not the ultimate judge.


Excerpted from Allen B. West’s article – After this latest gay marriage decision, I’m starting a nationwide cake challenge

And you may remember when Walmart refused to bake a Confederate flag cake but had no problem with baking AN ISIS FLAG CAKE! Unbelievable… 

OUTRAGEOUS: Wal-Mart Refuses To Make A Confederate Flag Cake… But An ISIS Flag Cake Is NO PROBLEM [WATCH]


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