BREAKING: One Of America’s FAVORITE Clothing Companies Just Took MASSIVE Stand Against Conservatives- BOYCOTT NOW


Remember this? “Fall Into The GAP!”? Yeah, the original slogan for the clothing retailer. Well, it seems the GAP is falling into the liberal gap by cow-towing to transgenders… 

A five year old girl (and her mother) have the retailer to carry “less gendered” children’s clothing.


Yeah, the little girl wants to dress like a boy so apparently her mother wants to force her liberal agenda on every freaking body else that wants to dress like normal people.

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It’s actually completely ridiculous.


Alice Jacobs, 5, is “a girl who likes boy stuff,” refuses to wear dresses “and “doesn’t mind being confused for a boy,” wrote her mom, Beth, in a Washington Post op-ed published in early March. Instead of ribbons and curls, she’s into dinosaurs, planets, bugs and reptiles.

Simple solution- buy clothes with that crap on it. Done.


But no.

Mom feels the need to make this some kind of huge liberal statement.

It’s politically incorrect to have clothes made for the two sexes- MALE AND FEMALE!

So she wrote the following letter, which we’re putting in the mail to Gap Inc. this week.

Dear Gap,

My name is Alice Jacob and I am almost 5½ years old. I like cool shirts like Superman and Batman shirts and race car shirts, too. All your girl shirts are pink and princesses and stuff like that. The boys’ shirts are really cool. They have Superman, Batman, rock-and-roll and sports. What about girls who like those things like me, and my friend Olivia?

Can you make some cool girls’ shirts please? Or, can you make a ‘no boys or girls’ section — only a kids’ section?

Thank you,

Alice Jacob

HeatStreet has more:

Alice’s entreaty was picked up by other national media, and it eventually ended up on the desk of Gap’s top executive, Jeff Kirwan. “You are right, I think we can do a better job offering even more choices that appeal to everyone,” Kirwan wrote to Alice, also enclosing some t-shirts for her. “I’ve talked with our designers and we’re going to work on even more fun stuff that I think you’ll like.”

Kirwan also noted that some of its existing t-shirts for girls include firetrucks, dinosaurs, sharks, footballs and superheroes.

Teen Vogue—which has increasingly made gender identity a priority in its coverage-—reported that Gap is creating a gender-neutral clothing line. By deadline, Gap neither confirmed nor denied that claim.

The magazine also noted that a handful of other brands have changed their children’s offerings to meet culture’s increasingly bendable ideas about gender; Target and Land’s End already include “more inclusive options in their kids’ section.”

For God’s sake this is ridiculous.

Just buy the damn clothes, put them on and educate yourself so that you can make a good living and not be a welfare leech.

Wear what the hell you want- JUST SHUT THE HELL UP WITH YOUR LIBERAL GARBAGE!!!!!!!

God I hate libs.

Good job mom. Her father, where ever he is must be proud.

God Bless.

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