As America Focuses On Racist 49ers QB, Obama Just Did Something That Will Ruin America FOREVER


Despite voter concern and flat out disapproval from some, the Obama regime and the Department of Homeland Security welcomed 10,000 Syrian refugees on Monday.  DHS declared from it’s official Twitter account that it was the “right thing to do.” Only 36% of the American voter populace supported the Obama regime’s resettlement agenda.

“This is the United States of America. Taking in refugees at times of crisis is the right thing to do.



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The tweet drew a host a furious response from users.  Some stating that charity begins at home and emphasizing that the United States has an obligation to take care of its own poor and homeless, including the elderly and veterans, before dumping more impoverished, predominately Muslim foreign nationals.  Many of whom hate the foundation and tenants of America with ideologies and beliefs that are completely incompatible with the Constitution.


The wealthiest Muslim nations have refused to accept any of the displaced Syrians into their borders.

Refugees are a growing problem in the United States and as their population grows, so do the problems and issues they bring with them.


Now like many Americans, I don’t like to see people suffering and some of the stories one hears of refugees and the horrors they fled to come to America truly are horrifying. However, what I fail to understand in that how is that nearly half of our refugee intake this year alone, and also for most of the preceding ten years, have been Muslim people when Muslims are the ones doing the actual persecution? You know, the ones creating a need for refugees in the first place? Why are they coming to settle in what was once an overwhelmingly, Christian nation when wealthy Muslim nations in the Middle East have refused to take even one refugee, especially in light of the fact that it literally costs 12 as much to resettle refugees in America as it does to resettle them in neighboring Middle Eastern countries. Basically, 12 times the number of people could be saved if they were resettled in say Saudi Arabia or Qatar when their religion and culture are of a much similar mindset.

If Europe has taught us anything, it’s that numbers matter when it comes to Middle Eastern immigration, cultural assimilation, and the security risks they can and do represent. WHY are we repeating their mistakes? Did the American people EVER vote for any such fundamental and radical social transformation?  Small towns and counties all throughout the country are being flooded with refugees with radically different ideologies, cultures, and values.  Most of which are hostile to our way of life, our constitutional republic, freedoms, and views on human rights.

The answer is we haven’t — no vote has ever been taken by the American people, yet these people are foisted on us in our communities and all that entails. I can hazard a guess that should the American people ever be allowed to take such a vote that this sort of radical transformation of our way of life would be resoundingly rejected with no qualms. Furthermore, the Muslim resettlement program currently ongoing is a violation of the very definition of refugee status.

According to Conservative Review

According to existing law, a “refugee” means “any person who is outside any country of such person’s nationality … and who is unable or unwilling to return to … that country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of … race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion …[.] [Section 1101(a)(42)(A) of Title 8, U.S. Code]. Refugee laws were designed to protect persecuted religious and ethnic minorities, such as Iranian Jews or pro-democracy dissidents in the former Soviet Union.

In Syria and other places in the Middle East, on the other hand, it is Muslims who are doing the persecuting. The laws were not designed to invite in any person caught in a sectarian civil war. Take Somalia, for example. It is almost exclusively a Muslim country. Much like Syria, it is a miserable place to live and is marred in endless civil wars. However, most of the people coming from these countries do not qualify as refugees since they are not personally being persecuted because of their religion, ethnicity, or political views.

H/T –Breitbart


God Bless.



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