BREAKING: America On HIGH ALERT After FBI Issues This URGENT Warning, Here’s What YOU Need To Know



Local news channel WBRZ in Baton Rouge, LA is giving coverage to the massive protests being staged by Black Lives Matter where life as most locals know it has been disrupted.  Many locals are scared and with good reason.

The protests have been going on for several days and have continued into today.  There looks to be no end in sight and the FBI has issued safety warnings concerning law enforcement and the general public.  There have been multiple arrests of these protesters — mostly from out of town– made for disorderly conduct and threatening behavior.

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The BLM has surrounded the Baton Rouge Police Headquarters and has been there since sometime early Thursday.  Police have been in full riot gear in their efforts to keep Airline Highway clear so vehicles can safely pass.  The protesters have finally succeeded in blocking the highway for the last 3 hours.  Tensions are rising and open threats have been issued on the local news station’s Facebook page stating things like “I bet a flash bang will send them all running” and “I’m coming for you and your family” and “Everyone is gonna get smoked right now that’s why.” and many others encouraging folks to “get their purge on”.



Local residents attempted to hold a prayer vigil in Baton Rouge Thursday afternoon but were met with significant disruption from the Black Lives Matter group.  I would like to know what it is these folks think they are going to accomplish other than a Race War?  Frankly, the statistics do not support their claims that there is a “war on black lives” — Blacks are more likely to kill cops than be killed by cops. This is according to FBI data, which also found that 40 percent of cop killers are black.  The police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black than a cop killing an unarmed black person.



Additionally, if you are truly hoping to effectuate positive change within your community, how do you propose to do so if you have aligned yourself with a movement like Black Lives Matter which conducts itself in a manner more akin to a terrorist organization, than a movement in the vein of Martin Luther King, Jr?

The people associated with this movement do not seem to understand that their particular race is not the only one that is struggling, not the only one that has ever been subjugated and marginalized by a government or a state institution, or had a history with slavery and being treated poorly. The BLM states that for a person to state #AllLivesMatter is a racist statement because white people are the reasons they have concerns and created this movement in the first place.

It’s baffling to me the depth of hatred and racism displayed in that statement for the color of someone’s skin because last time I checked no one has a choice in that.  This level of hatred has been cited as the motivation behind the recent shootings in Dallas and other areas.  I constantly get reminded of my so-called “white privilege” by those with this mindset. A privilege I know nothing about, have never experienced, and I won’t apologize for something I had no control over and frankly know nothing about.

YES, I will say ALL LIVES MATTER.  This is not Animal Farm where some animals are more equal than others and I get to be reminded about a so-called “privilege” — where MANY other populations are dealing with the same or similar struggles.  They just don’t get the media attention and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to come out and stir things up just so!   For an entity like Black Lives Matter to use a platform of someone’s death as the means to marginalize the struggles of every other people group, is to make that movement guilty of the VERY thing that they accuse “white people” of doing to them.

Then there is the matter of Charles Wade – one of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter group and named #40 on the 100 most influential activists by Roots last year. The problem is Charles Wade was arrested for Human Trafficking and prostituting a 17-year-old girl.  He is just an individual you say? That’s just him? Oh, but on the contrary! He was a public face of the Black Lives Matter movement and prominent in the Ferguson protests for Michael Brown and others much like what is currently being done in Baton Rouge.  His actions reflect on the movement itself.  THAT marginalizes the movement — because for that 17-year-old girl he was prostituting, buying, and selling and to the rest of the world he couldn’t have said any louder than if he had screamed it — ONLY SOME BLACK LIVES MATTER — JUST NOT THIS GIRL OVER HERE! This girl is property.  THAT is slavery by definition — human trafficking and being held against one’s will, being bought and sold for a price — something that MOST people I know find abhorrent and disgusting. That a black man in charge of a movement professing that black lives matter to participate in modern day slavery, yet to tell someone like myself or you that black lives matter? That is disgusting in an extreme way and that many in support of this movement are so dismissive of the ramifications and potential implications of those actions on the movement as whole is frighteningly naive. There is a REASON why this group is viewed the way that it is!

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When the BLM can show up in a town, block roads and prohibit people from safe travel to and from work and emergency vehicles from getting through as necessary, march on a building in such a way as to suggest to police officers that SWAT is necessary, disrupt a peaceful prayer vigil for the mourning, and just in general scare the locals to death, cause them financial hardship, and potential loss of job, home or livelihood, or even their very person? They are the terrorists. My prayers are with the city of Baton Rouge right now, as they are under siege by these racist individuals.



God Bless.



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