AMERICA ON HIGH ALERT: NEW VIDEOS Emerge Of Winston Boogie Smith Telling BLM Protesters: “Get ready for war…Bring your guns…your bombs…your rocket launchers!”


Another THUG bites the dust. What a shame. 

A useless, violent black thug named Winston Boogie Smith was shot and killed yesterday in Minneapolis. The shooting took place only blocks from George Floyd Square. He was shot by members of a U.S. Marshals task force.

Authorities said that Smith was wanted on a weapons violation and fired a gun before two deputies shot him while he was inside a parked vehicle.

Let’s all go riot.

Patty McMurray at 100 Percent FED Up reports that when the news of Smith’s death broke, not much was known about him. Today, after an evening of BLM setting fires and looting stores in Minneapolis, like T-Mobile and CVS, more is coming out about the 32-year-old with a mile-long rap sheet, who had a warrant out for his arrest for aggravated assault, and according to the police report, “produced a handgun” during his arrest.

We decided to look further into Winston on social media and discovered that the 32-year-old was not a big fan of the police or of peaceful protests. In the video below, that was shared on his Instagram account 7 weeks ago, the rapper talked about how protesters were doing it all wrong, with their “hands in the air,” and asking for justice. He appears to suggest that he’ll be bringing the same weapons the police have to the next protest.

“Asking for justice?” he asked, adding, “Seriously, that’s the plan?” He continued, “Motherf*ckers been killing y’ all for years! Hey, I ride with my shit for years. When it come to me, that’s not the plan y’all.”

“I’m coming to the protest, I’m bringing the same shit they bringin’,” Winston Boogie Smith told his followers.

“We got guns and bullet proof vest too or should be able to get em… why not just rush these f–ks and start this war they keep asking for!” Smith raged on Facebook.

“F–k justice anyway b—h justice is an eye for eye u kill one of mine we need one of yours that’s justice! Right or wrong f–k being right cuz they keep doing us wrong.

“I’m down with the burn everything government not touch sh-t else I don’t even need to loot I’ll buy my sh-t just kill them dirty ass cops off we tired of being scared at the red light!” he wrote.


Winston Boogie Smith Tells Followers Peaceful Protesting is Useless

Rumble — Winston Boogie Smith tells his followers on Instagram that they need to stop asking for justice and start taking action. In the video, Winston says, “I’m coming to the protest, I’m bringing the same thing they bringing…that’s what you need. “On his Instagram post, he writes: “I realize no gun is getting us nowhere so now let’s try it my way.”

In another video posted to his Instagram account, Winston Boogie Smith warns of war and pleads with his followers to stop with the peaceful Martin Luther King Jr. nonsense and start bringing weapons to protests.

Winston Boogie Smith: ”Whoever’s at these protests in Minnesota, with all these killings—y’all not saying the right shit. Y’all telling the motherf8ckers to come with their hands up for some peaceful protest. F*ck that. F*ck anybody who peaceful right now. Go get y’all gasoline at the gas station. Go get some dish soap. If you scared you don’t got no gun, you don’t need no gun. Go get some dish soap, go get some glue, get some bleach, some honey some shit that you can f*cking throw at these f*cks. Ain’t nobody gonna be begging for no justice!” he said.

He continued, telling his followers to “Get ready for war!” He continued with his rant, saying they’re going to “move on these ops” adding, “Suit up. Lace your boots up, it’s war f*cking time. Bring your gun to the protest. Bring the f*cking bombs and rocket launchers you been rapping about!”

Watch his incredible call to violence here:

Winston Boogie Smith: “Get Ready For War…Bring Your Guns, Bombs, Rocket Launchers”

Rumble — “Get ready for war! Suit up. Lace your boots up, it’s war f*cking time. Bring your gun to the protest. Bring the f*cking bombs and rocket launchers you been rapping about!”

This is the guy that the media and Democrats will be trying to convince everyone was an angel. Please share this article with everyone before the media gets away with justifying the violence and lawlessness by BLM and Antifa as a way to “honor” the life of Winston Boogie Smith.

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