BREAKING: Major American ALLY Just Voted To Turn Whole Country Into ISLAMIC DICTATORSHIP- And It PASSED


Turkish voters appeared Sunday to have approved constitutional changes that would greatly expand the powers of their dictator, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The opposition party believes that there is massive voter fraud involved.


A statement on the High Electoral Board’s website hours before polls closed said it would count ballots that had not been stamped by officials as valid unless they could be proved fraudulent, Fox News reports.

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That triggered strong criticism from the main opposition People’s Republican Party, which said the decision caused a serious legitimacy problem in the referendum.


Erdal Aksunger, deputy chairman of the party, claimed “illegal acts” had been carried out in favour of the government in the referendum.

He said, “Since this morning, we have determined some 2.5 million problematic votes.”


As you may know, Turkey is an ally of the United States and a member of NATO.

The Telegraph report that the Yes vote gives Turkey’s government the authority to scrap the country’s century-old parliamentary system and replace it with a presidential model.

Opponents have warned the new system will send Turkey lurching towards dictatorship as it would concentrate unchecked power in the hands of Mr Erdoğan, who has jailed opponents and cracked down on dissent since a failed coup against him last year.

The new constitutional system will get rid of the role of prime minister and transform the presidency from a largely ceremonial position into a vastly powerful post as both head of state and head of the government.

 The president will be able to appoint senior judges, declare a state of emergency, dissolve parliament and in some cases issue new laws be decree.

It will also theoretically allow Mr Erdoğan, who has dominated Turkish politics as president and prime minister since 2003, to stay in office until 2029.

Three people were killed in an apparent political dispute at a voting station in the Kurdish city of Diyarbakır early on Sunday and two officials from the main opposition party were beaten at another polling station by unknown assailants.

 at The Federalist Papers reports that one voter named Insaf Akay, a 37-year-old mother in a headscarf, said she was tired of being discriminated against by secular Turks, describing how she had been spat on in a market. “I think there will be more freedom for people like me under the new system,” she said.

Mustafa Sacat, 62, said he normally voted for Erdoğan and his AKP party but did not want to give up on the parliamentary system that has governed Turkey since 1920. “I like Erdoğan but I want to keep the Parliament system.”

Here’s what critics say: Critics say the clampdown has gone beyond the supporters of the coup and is designed to silence dissent in the run-up to the referendum.

The arrests of 47,155 government critics, academics, journalists, military officials and civil servants have draw widespread international condemnation and strained Turkey’s relations with the European Union.

The bottom line: It’s freaking insane over there! 

God Bless.

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