BREAKING: American Journalist Goes To Sweden- What Happened Last Night PROVES Trump Is RIGHT


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“‘Go To Sweden,’ They Said”

“‘Nothing Is Happening In Sweden,’ They Said”

Tim Pool was the only journalist to accept a call to action from Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet. Watson asked journalists to go to Sweden and see for themselves what would happen. Now, Tim Pool is a liberal, but he’s a rare breed of liberals that are at least intellectually honest and willing to acknowledge the reality of the world when it confronts him. Pool is also fearless. So he jumped on the idea.  Yesterday, Pool received a threat while he was staying in Sweden — obviously from someone that doesn’t understand much about Pool’s history of confronting political violence head on. The threat read:

“Dont go to varnhem or rosengard again you are f*cking with the wrong people we dont want your sh*t here in malmo we know you stay at centralen [Pool’s hotel] so dont make any jokes with us there are people looking for you in sodra innerstan and fosie get the f*ck out of malmo or you will get shot.”

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“Do you think it’s going to get worse?” — “I don’t know”

In a very eye-opening 18 minute video embedded below, Tim Pool reveals what his first day and night in Sweden was like. He traveled to one of the so-called no-go zones and stayed with a white Swedish couple in their flat in Rosengard. Pool took the opportunity to weigh their views. The man of the household was reluctant to break from the government’s official perspective on the rise in crime, he claimed that it wasn’t really a problem at all–besides for the 16 year old that was murdered down the street at least. But when his wife arrived home with his daughter, things became a bit clearer and the honesty of her statements shed some light on his omissions. The woman told Pool that she had been living in the area for 25 years and that only in the past two years had she noticed any spike in crime. Her English was quite good, but since she was not as efficient at translating her statements in her head she began to speak quickly in Swedish as her husband began to decipher her words. The clear reluctance to admit what she said was rather telling, but after conferring with another Swede he did indeed convey her words honestly:


“She’s kind of saying like, the crimes are not concerning us really. It’s kind of honor crimes, really. Things going on in the world that we don’t know about. And it’s so narrow that we don’t really feel like it affects us in our daily lives.”

“There is more crime,” she said as her husband tried to prompt her about a minor riot ten years ago. “It’s worse,” she reasserted. Still, she thinks the government is doing a good job but that it should be putting harsher punishments on the refugees.

What Do The Government Officials Say?

“They have easy access to weapons.”

Pool is not going anywhere if his comments on social media are any indication. He’s been working towards finding the truth his entire career and he’s willing to wade into the chaos to find it.  He’s one of the few liberals and media members that is worthy of respect and consideration.  He doesn’t always get it right but he always presents it honestly.

On Rapes And Crime Statistics Sweden

Pool sat down with his government handler to discuss a number of topics and the comments from the Swedish bureaucrat are quite interesting to say the least. When asked about rapes, he gave the stereotypical response, that Sweden has a broad definition of rape and that the skyrocketing reports of sexual assault are misleading. “That increases the will to report the crime, if you know that something will be done then you’re more likely to report it.”

The Lack Of Housing To Support Refugees:

The government official was attempting to squirm away from the reality by using clever rhetorical moves, but he was unable to escape one harsh reality: Sweden has bitten off far more than it can chew and the meat is tough to swallow:

Swede: Taking a large number of refugees when you don’t have housing for everybody and you don’t have a functioning job market where there is a job market for the skill level that most refugees tend to have…there is a language barrier of course. I do think it’s a moral obligation [to take them in though].

Pretty funny words from a bureaucrat from the country that has an embassy offering to lecture the President of the United States on the success of its integration strategy:

Back to the Swedish Propagandist:

Swede: But the crimes, the violent crimes, we have nothing to support…no evidence to support…that its the refugees committing the crimes. But, uh, people born outside of Sweden are over-represented in crime statistics.

Pool: One thing we noticed is that there’s been a murder every week…

Swede: There’s been three murders…its a lot but the police haven’t apprehended anybody.

Imagine if conservatives tried to argue that there aren’t rapes happening — that the definition of rape is just too broad. This exchange is pretty indicative of the Swede’s propaganda. His logic, if translated to someone grounded in reality is that since the police haven’t caught the culprits that it’s not a real problem. Sure, the culprits are assumed to be and have been described are darker-skinned individuals from the Mid-East, but apparently that doesn’t matter. Just like the crime statistics that Sweden stopped recording properly, this sort of information is just tossed out as unimportant by the Swedish Government.

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