Americans Disgusted After Judge Says Coach Is BANNED From Praying On Football Field… Sound Off PATRIOTS


The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, also known as the 9th Circus, is at it again.  Activist judges legislating from the bench and denying Constitutional rights is what they do best it seems.  The most recent debacle involves a Washington state high school football coach.  The coach is being punished by the courts for taking a knee. Sound strange?

Joe Kennedy kneels in prayer on the football field at Bremerton High School in Bremerton, Wash.

Joe Kennedy kneels in prayer on the football field at Bremerton High School in Bremerton, Wash.  (First Liberty Institute )

Well, it seems this coach took a knee at the 50-yard line for a post game prayer.  The court has ruled that this prayer violated the U.S. Constitution.  Yet if Colin Kaepernick takes a knee refusing to stand for the National Anthem? Well, that’s different….at least according to a 9th Circuit three-judge panel.

Bremerton School District suspended Coach Joe Kennedy after he took a knee praying SILENTLY at midfield after football games and the 9th Circuit ruled this was a justified decision.  Apparently, even a moment of silence is no longer deemed Constitutional?

The 9th Circuit writes –

“When Kennedy kneeled and prayed on the fifty-yard line immediately after games while in view of students and parents, he spoke as a public employee, not as a private citizen, and his speech therefore was constitutionally unprotected.”

Coach Kennedy served as an assistant coach at Bremerton High School from 2008-2015.  He was not conducting some sort of live Billy Graham crusade on the 50-yard line of the football field, nor was he even attempting to have anyone else participate in his prayer.  He simply took a knee midfield, bowed his head, thanked God for a good game, and approximately 30 seconds later went on about his day. Perfectly reasonable right?

Bremerton High School assistant football coach Joe Kennedy congratulates a player as he returns to the sideline during a rain-soaked practice.

Well not according to Bremerton High School.  They order the coach to refrain from bowing his head, taking a knee, or doing ANYTHING that could potentially be perceived as “public prayer” while on public school property.

According to the 9th Circuit decision –

“An objective student observer would see an influential supervisor do something no ordinary citizen could do – perform a Christian religious act on secured school property while surrounded by players – simply because he is a coach.”

As a result, Kennedy was suspended when he defied school officials continuing his moment of silence in his post-game ritual.  When his contract expired Kennedy was not rehired.

Kennedy was represented by First Liberty Institute.  His attorney from the Institute, Jeremy Drys said of the decision –

“This is deeply disappointing to us. The 9th Circuit believes they can ban all coaches from praying individually in public just because they can be seen. That is simply wrong. It is not American and it is not the America contemplated by our Constitution.”

First Liberty Institute is still making a decision as to whether they plan to appeal the ruling.

Image result for joe kennedy fired for praying in washington

Drys went on to explain the dangerous precedent that this sets for Christians –

“Now all coaches across the country stand under the prospect of being prevented from engaging in any outward displays of religion. That includes crossing yourself or even taking a knee to pray.”

According to this decision, Catholic coaches are not even permitted to make the sign of the cross in public. This is the legacy of the left – a nation where football players can take a knee raising a political furor like none other in what many Americans deem as complete disrespect, yet a coach cannot take a knee to pray to Almighty God in silence.

Both of these acts are supposed to be protected under the First Amendment but it seems the 9th Circuit only agrees that further disrespect is allowed. I wonder will Muslims still be allowed their prayer rugs five times a day?


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