Thousands’ Of Americans Stranded In Afghanistan Thanks To Biden’s Botched Withdrawal- Blames TRUMP

So far all Biden has done is allowed the terrorist organization known as the Taliban to take over Kabul, Afghanistan as he hid from the public at Camp David.



This is yet another example of the radical left democrats Marxist politics that we have allowed to take hold of our nation.  This situation has turned into another potential Benghazi moment and we all damn well know with Biden being Obama’s puppet, that we can expect very little done to get American’s out safely.

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As Breitbart News reports that The State Department and Department of Defense said in a statement Sunday that there are “thousands” of Americans stranded in Afghanistan after the Taliban declared victory over the U.S.-backed government earlier in the day.

“Tomorrow and over the coming days, we will be transferring out of the country thousands of American citizens who have been resident in Afghanistan, as well as locally employed staff of the U.S. mission in Kabul and their families and other particularly vulnerable Afghan nationals,” they said in the statement.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden remained at Camp David, where he departed for vacation last Thursday. Since then, he was missing in action. Hiding like a freaking idiot.


Biden cut his vacation short and addressed the nation and was absolutely pathetic.

He returned to Camp David after his televised blamefest.

With the security situation in Afghanistan quickly deteriorating, Biden returned to the White House Monday amid growing pressure to address the unfolding events. Biden spent much of his time blaming past administrations and Afghanistan’s military forces for the situation in the country before refusing to take questions from the media after finishing his remarks, FOX NEWS reports.

The administration has rushed in 3,000 forces over the weekend to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan, as the Taliban continued its rapid offensive across Afghanistan and headed towards the capital of Kabul.


On Saturday, it rushed in 1,000 more and then, on Sunday, an additional 1,000 — as the Taliban entered Kabul and moved into the presidential palace.

Meanwhile, scenes of chaos unfolded at the airport as hundreds of Afghans and their families jockeyed for a place aboard evacuating aircraft, according to videos posted on social media.

One can only hope that all of the fools who actually praised Biden and Obama’s administration takeover of The White House, we hope that they can now see that they do not care anything about humanity!

Fox News reported this morning:

All U.S. evacuation flights have been suspended at Kabul international airport, Fox News has confirmed. 

A U.S. official says the runway is “not secure” after hundreds of Afghans “breached” the airport walls and flooded the runway. 

Until the runway is cleared of Afghans desperate to escape following the Taliban’s swift takeover of the country, all U.S. military and charter flights are suspended, the official said. 

The U.S. embassy in Kabul closed Sunday, the flag lowered, after the Taliban marched into the Afghan capital without much resistance seizing it in just one day.  

The situation is escalating and Biden blames Trump for his botched withdrawal.

The United States needs actual leadership to step up and take control of this situation before we lose American lives as well as anymore American soldiers to the terrorists!

Breitbart continued, The U.S. Embassy in Kabul sent a security alert earlier in the day that said the airport was “taking fire” and Americans were advised to “shelter in place.”

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said in a statement to Breitbart News on Sunday that the DOD continues to monitor the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan.

“We remain focused on the mission assigned to us: to facilitate the safe drawdown of civilian personnel from the U.S. Embassy and out of the country and to protect operations at the airport to support this drawdown and other evacuation flights. That is what Secretary Austin made clear to our commanders throughout the day,” he said.

“We are continuing to refine our processes and organization at the airport, including pre-staging people for movement, while improving our defenses,” he added.

He said U.S. forces have now assumed responsibilities for air traffic control at the airport, supported by Afghan counterparts, and that commercial traffic continues, although with some sporadic stoppages and delays.

He said several hundred civilians, including personnel and private U.S. citizens, have been evacuated so far.

“We continue to build capacity to expedite processing for at-risk Afghan civilians. We are especially grateful for Canada’s generous offer to host 20,000 Afghans at-risk,” he said.

“As we have made clear, this is a narrowly-defined mission to safeguard the movement of civilians out of Kabul. Any threat posed to the mission will be taken seriously—and any attack on our people or on our operation will be met forcefully,” he added.

As the evacuation continued, the sister of the last American hostage in Afghanistan pleaded for the U.S. to remember her brother.

“Please remember that my brother, Mark Frerichs, is a hostage of the Taliban. We want all US troops home safely, but my brother should be able to come home too,” said Charlene Cakora, sister of Mark Frerichs, according to a tweet by PBS Newshour journalist Amna Nawaz.

This is not just on Biden and Harris, this is on all of congress who have allowed the radical left Marxists to control our nation as well as those who have done nothing to prevent them from not only destroying our nation, but now stranding Americans!

The White House said that the president returned to Camp David after his remarks, having only spent about less than four hours back in Washington.

Absolutely pathetic.

Welcome to full blown Marxism…



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God Bless.

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