America’s LARGEST City Just Surrendered To Sharia Law… SPREAD THIS EVERYWHERE


New York City’s liberal mayor, Bill de Blasio put all law enforcement officers in more harm’s way by appeasing Muslim jihads.

Now, with its settlement in Hamid Hassan Raza v. City of New York, the mayor’s office has opted for “social justice” over public safety, according to National Review.

After years of litigation, the De Blasio administration mayor’s office has settled a lawsuit with Islamist activists by agreeing to remove from the police department’s training regimen a valuable intelligence tool: a methodically assembled report, based on numerous terrorism investigations, that instructs investigators on the phenomenon of “radicalization” and that has been a crucial element of the counterterrorism strategy that has helped keep New York City safe since September 11, 2001.
The counterterrorism strategy, inspired by the 2007 report “Radicalization in the West,” was originally put in place by then-Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. A huge part of this strategy is to use intelligence to prevent attacks before they occur by identifying Muslims that could be ‘radicalizing.’

A lot of lives have been saved with this strategy.


Of course, in today’s world this is considered ‘profiling’ and ‘discrimination.’ It’s unfair. It’s not nice…

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Nevertheless, a number of Muslim activist groups have long objected to the report’s drawing any connection between Muslims and a propensity toward terrorism. Some of these groups maintain that Muslim terrorists are contorting Islamic doctrine and that dignifying their claims implicitly condemns all of Islam. Others promote accommodation of Sharia (Islamic law) in Western societies and do not want their efforts tied to jihadists’ atrocities. Together, they have strongly opposed post-9/11 counterterrorism measures, claiming they constitute a “war against Islam” and an allegedly unconstitutional profiling of all Muslims.


Since Obama came into the picture, the FBI, the Defense Department, and other federal agencies have removed vital training materials and have terminated instructors who refused to bow to Obama’s rules.

So a perfectly good program is gone, all in the name of social justice, fairness and tolerance. Unbelievable.


My prayers go out to the citizens and the Police officers in NYC and I ask my Lord to watch over you and keep you safe.


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