Amid Hollywood Sex Scandals, Actor Mark Wahlberg Comes Out With STUNNING Confession


Movie star Mark Wahlberg made a stunning admission about his career amid the current sex scandals running through Hollywood.

Wahlberg, a Massachusetts native, is a professing Roman Catholic and was speaking during an event with Cardinal Blasé Cupich in Chicago over the weekend when he defied Hollywood’s heretics. Wahlberg told the crowd that he’s prayed for God’s forgiveness for taking several movie roles that contradict the teachings of the Church, especially his role in the 1997 Oscar-nominated Boogie Nights, where he played an up and coming porn star in the 70s.

“I just always hope that God is a movie fan and also forgiving, because I’ve made some poor choices in my past,” Wahlberg said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Boogie Nights is the movie that helped catapult Wahlberg’s career and bring him massive success. However, when the Cardinal asked him if he’s ever asked for forgiveness after doing a movie, he replied, “Boogie Nights is up there at the top of the list.”

During the interview with Cupich, Wahlberg said that he hopes his own sordid history, which included attacking a Vietnamese immigrant, will help him connect with troubled youths to turn their lives around.

“I’ve never been shy about sharing my past and the bad decisions I’ve made and being affiliated with gangs, being incarcerated, so absolutely I think they can identify with me on a personal level, and that’s why I’ve continued to try to do as much as I can to help young people,” he said.

He also told the audience he hopes that by personally taking action, he’ll have a bigger impact on those who need it the most.

“It’s one thing to give money, or to start programs, but to be there and be able to talk to them, and tell them there is someone who has been through the same things they are going through and was able to turn their life around, and turn it into a big positive,” he said. “That’s always important.”

Wahlberg has been rather outspoken about his discontent with Hollywood as a whole. He’s one of the few actors who have claimed that the people within the industry are “out of touch” and that they need to stop lecturing Americans from their protective “bubble.”

“You know, it just goes to show you that people aren’t listening to that anyway,” he said, referring to the election’s outcome. “They might buy your CD or watch your movie, but you don’t put food on their table. You don’t pay their bills. A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, the everyday guy out there providing for their family.”

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