As our attention focuses on the State of the Union address that our community organizer in chief will give tonight, here is one that could be substituted for what you will actually hear.

Our military industrial complex is larger than ever. The US now has almost 2 million troops and guardsmen, plus 3.5 million civilians employed in the defense sector. Of course, Obama and those in charge have no qualms about using this force to exact whatever political goals they see fit, even though they may benefit only a tiny elite.

We now have a police state in America that is far, fr different from the country in which most of us grew up in. The government has spawned a culture of fear and intimidation. Just about every federal agency, even the Fish and Wildlife Service, has a gun-toting police force to whip us all into submission. We have also recently procured 1.6 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammunition to supplement existing supplies.

The tax authorities have become much more powerful. The looting of American citizens has become so severe that record numbers of Americans have been forced into renouncing their citizenship and leaving the country. There are literally dozens of federal, state, and local agencies that have the authority to confiscate your assets without any due process. Not to mention the power to take your children away from you as if they were property of the state. We are here to regulate what you can eat, and even whether or not you can legally collect rainwater that falls on your own property.

On any given business day the federal government issues hundreds of pages of new regulations, draft bills, orders, and notices. If you are not compliant with these rules, you may be committing a crime. Whether you know it or not. Of course, when this nation was founded there were only four federal crimes on the books. Today, we have thousands and millions of government employees at all levels to enforce the penalties.

All of this bureaucracy is financed by you and your hard work. You are our tax slave. You, along with unborn generations are the poor bastards charged with paying off the crushing national debt that us politicians have created. Of course, you’ll never know exactly how much this debt is, since we have become masters of deceit regarding official statistics.

So what if the CBO predicts the Social Security Administration’s disability insurance trust fund will run out by 2017. We get by each year by simply increasing the debt. Being well over 100% of GDP, we are now well beyond the point of no return. We must default. This will either be a default on the national debt, or on our obligations to you, the citizens.

We may end up stealing your savings. Or robbing your social security. Maybe just taxing you to death. Or simply inflating away the value of our debt (can anyone say print more money, please?). Of course, you will end up getting screwed over in the process no matter what direction we decide to take. But expect the inflationary tidal wave that’s coming.

Pleas do not misunderstand. The consequences of our actions are now upon us. And with them, the days of America being the world’s dominant superpower are rapidly coming to a close. As this decline picks up speed, we will struggle to sell our debt to the world and ship our dollars overseas. Fewer and fewer nations will be interested in our empty promises. And without the generosity of other nations continuing to lend us money at record low interest rates that fail to even keep pace with inflation…well, let’s just say that you will be really screwed.

When this happens, count on us to be there for you. We will clamp down on you even harder. We will control more and more aspects of your life. This is only for your own good, you see.

Such is the state of our union. Or whatever remains of our union. So, get ready for a bit of shared sacrifice in the coming years. Of course, I mean your sacrifice. No need to worry about me. Michelle and I, along with our libertard cronies, will leave office with cushy pensions, $750,000 speaking fees, board seats on public companies, and top positions in those very same industries that we have accommodated at your expense. Not too mention my own arrogant memoirs that I will write, denying any responsibility for the mess that I’ve gotten you all into.

So, that’s about it. Thank you. God bless you and god bless the United States of America.

What do YOU think about that? These are all perfect examples of thing taken right from the headlines over the past few years. Of course, this is meant as satire, but hopefully it gets you thinking about the sad state of affairs right now…and what could be done to turn things around.


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