The Senate Majority Leader, Dingy Harry Reid (Dem, NV) is quite possibly going insane. While you might think this is just a way of getting a quick, cheap laugh up front, this is actually serious. Allahpundit even led a recent story with the headline: “Mentally ill man can’t stop talking about the monsters under his bed.”

His recent obsession seems to be entirely related to the Koch brothers. These two are billionaire business men who have donated to a number of right-leaning organizations. Of course, they also have supported things like cancer hospitals, arts centers, and even educational institutions. Plus, they have also given money to Democrats, a fact that Harry Reid and all of his cronies conveniently forget when they are busy “warning” us about how the Koch brothers are trying to buy America.

The linked page actually has a really interesting video. This shows just how bad off Dingy Harry really is. I urge you to watch the whole thing; this should give a good idea of where Mr. Reid’s mind is focused (or not) these days. The fact of the matter is that this deranged, tired, old man is our Senate Majority Leader…and that is kind of scary.

While Reid continues pounding away at the Koch brothers, he fails to mention the fact that he has his own political ‘sugar daddy’ as well. Yep, Tom Steyer is another billionaire political donor. Of course, he only supports left-wing causes and candidates, like Reid. Major Tom has actually pledged $100 million to help elect Democrats in this election cycle. But, of course, he wants us all to believe that it is only conservative donors who are trying to “buy” elections.


Reid is also deeply connected with the deep-pocketed liberal super PAC. They have been putting out a number of attack ads that are just plain filled with lies and distortions of the facts. A number of fact-checking groups have even been raking this PAC over the coals. Politifact, which is a left-leaning group, has even rated a recent attack on vulnerable Senator Mark Pryor’s opponent as “false.” The Washington Post has also given the Four Pinocchio award to an ad the PAC produced to help vulnerable Senator Mary Landrieu in Louisiana. Listen to this:

“This is the third time in a month that the Fact Checker has given Four Pinnochios to an ad sponsored by Senate Majority PAC. That’s a pretty dreadful track record, and does little for the organization’s credibility more than six months before the midterm elections.”

Another interesting fact about the Senate Majority PAC that was noted by the Washington Post is that it is being heavily funded by… “out of state billionaires.” Isn’t that amazing? After all the howling, ranting, and raving that grandpa Reid has being doing about the Koch brothers, we now see that the same thing goes on in his PAC and in his own personal political campaigns. Reporter Ron Fournier of the National Journal is also disgusted with Dingy Harry and says the media should be ashamed of themselves if they let him get away with all these lies.

I’ll leave you with another fun fact that should highlight just how much of a hypocrite Dingy Harry really is. He has received Koch cash through a lobbyist, plus his second in command grabbed a direct contribution and even thanked the Koch brothers with a signed letter.


What do YOU think about this? Is Harry Reid going certifiably crazy? Is he losing his cool because he clearly sees just how much trouble the Democrats are really in and fears losing control of the Senate? Why is he being so hypocritical regarding who is donating to which political groups? Should he be attacking people from whom he has also received contributions? How about the lies being spewed by his Senate Majority PAC?




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