Angry Muslims Issue SICK Threats To NJ Schools… School Board IMMEDIATELY Smacks Them Down


Muslims make up only around 1 percent of the population in the U.S. but that doesn’t stop them from forcing their beliefs, opinions and demands down Americans throats. They issue threats and warnings and also they will sue you any chance they get. Scumbags.

Refusing to separate mosque and state, Muslims in New Jersey recently demanded that public schools be closed on September 24 in honor of Eid al-adha, according to While many liberal school officials considered caving in to the Jihadists demands as we have seen happen numerous times, Jersey City Schools Superintendent Marcia Lyles refused to bow to their demands. 

“Doing this at this point on six days notice for this upcoming holiday is going to cause undue hardship on 5,000 to 10,000 people who are going to have to scramble to get coverage for their children,” said board member Gerald Lyons.

As Lyons explained the reasoning for the decision, one burqa-clad Muslim issued a frightening message which is basically a threat.


“We’re no longer the minority. That’s clear from tonight,” the Muslim said with a sick smirk on her face. “We’re gonna be the majority soon.”

Hey lady, you will NEVER be the majority in America. Now that the Muslim in Chief is out of The White House and we get Biden out of there and get an American loving president named DONALD J. TRUMP back in charge we will boot ALL of you filthy scumbags back to your sand dunes where you belong. Screw yourself. 

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Dom the Conservative at Mad World News reports:


If the Jersey City Board of Education had agreed to the demands, the school year would have extended to June 23, 2016, and the parents of 27,000 students across the state would be forced to hastily provide accommodation for their children, according to NBC New York.


However, a lengthened academic year isn’t the only downside that the Muslim group selfishly ignores.

“Many of our Jewish community members are feeling left out,” said parent Roy Tomargo.

Jewish families in the schools believe that if the Muslims gain the bias of the board, their children will be discriminated against. Many added that it wouldn’t be fair, since the schools aren’t out for Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Still, the Muslim minority has only themselves to consider, and where there is presumed Islamic grief, trouble is soon to follow.

“We feel alienated from the Board of Education, we feel alienated from this system,” said Omar Abouelkhair.

Lyon’s Chief of Staff Maryann Dickar expressed anxiety over the board’s decision to not allow Muslims the special privilege not afforded to other faiths.

“It was a very difficult and gut-wrenching decision, I think, for all of our board members,” she added.

Muslims in NJ want public schools to recognize Eid al-Ahsa, a brutal Islamic holiday in which hundreds of animals are inhumanely slaughtered. Sickening savages.

What’s so difficult or ‘gut-wrenching about telling these idiots HELL NO! I find it amazingly easy as well as enjoyable. I call this a victory. These people need to see that we won’t bow down to them or their Sharia Law garbage.

Still, credit should be given to the members of the board for not giving in, which reminded Muslims that not everyone is willing to submit to their thinly veiled threats and intimidation tactics. (H/T Conservative Tribune)

H/T (Bare Naked Islam)
Photo Credit (NBC New York, Bare Naked Islam)


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God Bless.

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