BREAKING: ANONYMOUS Just Announced Who They Endorse For President… It’s NOT Who You’d Expect


The ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous has announced their choice for the next president of the United States and needless to say they aren’t backing Donald Trump!

Anonymous is backing none other than BERNIE SANDERS! 

Look, I actually respect a lot of things Anonymous does and we have reported on all the great causes they defend in a way that only they can. This, however is something I don’t agree with. “Feel the Bern” just isn’t going to happen here my friends!

In their article the group lays out 10 reasons why they back the socialist and urge their members to do the same. Frankly, some of the reasons make sense such as Sander’s opposition to the ‘Trans Pacific Partnership’ which opens the door to foreign nations to take the United States to international court and sue for discrimination on contracts involving major security contracts.


However, the reason Anonymous opposes the TPP is aimed more at the ‘corporate greed’ aspect.

In a nutshell here are the 10 reasons they list as why Bernie is their man:

  1. He supports a new Glass Steagall act. Passed over 80 years ago, it had prevented commercial banks from participating in investment banking. It was repealed in 1999, and banks used this new-found ability  to plunder the savings of their depositors by making extremely risky “investments” for their own profit.
  2. He wants to break up the big banks; no more of this “too big to fail” nonsense- he also voted against the bailout of Wall Street.
  3. Sanders opposed NAFTA and the TPP: two “trade” agreements, the first causing the loss of up to a million jobs in America and the second a formerly-top-secret agreement which would hand sweeping powers to corporations.
  4. For his entire political career Sanders has stood against the for-profit prison industrial complex and the practice of over-criminalization.
  5. Sanders voted against the Iraq War, and is against a war with Russia.
  6. Sanders voted twice against the Patriot Act, which allowed widespread mass surveillance to be used against the American public.
  7. Sanders doesn’t degrade racial and religious minorities, nor does he inflame the majority- he comes right out and tells us that the elite are to blame.
  8. Sanders wants to decriminalize the use of marijuana.
  9. Bernie refuses to take money from the super rich…  or the corporations.
  10. The corporate mainstream media hates Bernie and censors him, attempting to make it look like he endorses Hillary.

They point out where Hillary Clinton stands on these subjects as well as Donald Trump. Amazingly, they seem to slam Clinton more than they do Trump which I found interesting.

However, they clearly are NOT Donald Trump fans and note that most popular search result for the top ten reasons TO vote for Trump is satirical.


We want to thank CoNN and for their permission to publish their information under a Creative Commons license.

God bless. 


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