A lot of mystery and controversy has surrounded Jade Helm. Many believe that the government is preparing to implement martial law.

These days it is becoming increasingly more difficult to determine the truth, especially from mainstream media. Government moles were intentionally placed to keep the facts from the public. Of course this agenda of the US government purposely keeping Americans uninformed in the dark, too dumbed down and confused, not knowing who or what to believe or trust as the actual truth, is exactly where the feds want us.


Can we accomplish getting the nation to action against the tyranny posed by Jade Helm? It will be very difficult, and even if Jade Helm ends up being no more than a drill, not likely, but to the blind sheep I would say they are practicing to subjugate you for a good reason.

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An Anonymous video has surfaced warning civilians about Jade Helm. Watch and decide for yourself.


Actual quote from video:

“Wake up people. We are short on time to stop this corruption before it does become a runaway train. Expect chaos and mayhem, expect MARTIAL LAW.”


YouTube video via ANONYMOUS 47258 

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  1. Darren Wilkens says:

    “F” you Obama! I have no problem fighting your THUGS!

  2. amazingoly says:

    Exercise at our porous border and stop the scare tactics. Citizens want to know the plans and want Wal Mart to come clean about the closed stores. It is NOT because of plumbing issues. Give us a break.

  3. Kim Washburn says:

    God what a raging bunch of morons. Dumb as a stick.

    • Jacqi Valdivia says:

      Kim Washburn, why do you reply simply with insults? You obviously have an opposing opinion, back it up with some facts. Your insults only make you appear intolerant and hateful.

      • antranchers says:

        What else do you expect from Liberals? The only thing they do question is God. I would feel sorry for them but they are cowards and a coward will kill you. Just ignore them when you can. They belong to the government. When the time comes, they will be cannon fodder. No room in the NWO for these people and they haven’t yet figured that one out.

  4. Think Chess not Checkers. The “training exercise” will be just that….They are trying to get a rise out of “lone wolf” actors. If someone does try to interfere then they have cause to implement some form of law. If nothing happens then there is a new level of social control that the general public is willing to accept. Orwellian tyranny is not an overnight plan. Think about the frog/pot metaphor. If you drop a frog into boiling water it will just jump out. If you put it in tepid water and then heat it up it will just sit there till it dies.

    • Tom Baker says:

      During BOTH 911 and the London bombings, the gevernments were running “exercises” that were VERY similar to the actual events…just saying.

  5. Kim please do not insult me. I know you do not agree and you are entitled to your opinion =)

  6. Tom Baker says:

    During BOTH 911 and the London bombings, the governments were running “exercises” that were VERY similar to the actual events…just saying.

  7. No Comment says:

    And yet the SF has been doing it for years in SC and NC as part of the Q Course, called Robin Sage. This is just Robin Sage being done with a Joint Service team over a much larger area. It’s training folks we have been doing it for years. If you don’t trust the soldiers that would lay down their lives to protect you, then you have already lost hope in humanity. Under the UCMJ the soldiers can not accept an unlawful order and detaining civilians within the borders of the US without just reasoning is an Unlawful Order. We take an oath and we know what the UCMJ states. No Soldier would want his family harmed in any way and will not in turn harm someone elses family. The amount of BS I have seen over this is amazing. Aluminum foil must be on the rise on the stock market, time to invest.

    • We trust the soldiers to take orders from the generals who take orders from the commander in chief. The generals we have trusted have been removed at an astonishing rate. The commander in chief is appearis to be a muslim on the side of isis and against the americans. You tell me why we don’t trust it. Would you trust our ask no questions military if they were being lead by iran? Russia? China? Isis?

    • Randall W Berry says:

      Thats where your wong buddy! If they told you do your job soldier,we have your wife and kids! What would you do to see them again! Maybe shoot people you dont know or maybe not but some will and some will get shot for not doing it!

  8. kidcat24 says:

    It says The central banks keep everyone in mental slavery. The central banks could sneeze and eradicate poverty. They laugh all the way to their own banks. And they’ll bust it again.

  9. Matthew Faulhaber says:

    I’ll be curious to know where the paranoid conservative will focus their attention when none of these dire predictions come true. This writer is a spoon, just somebody who stirs the pot hoping to see what boils over. Too bad he prefers half truths and lies over facts. He omits too many facts and invents what he wants to slant a story his way. Check facts.

    • antranchers says:

      Have you thought about what your role will be in the NWO? Do you have any special skills? What do you think will happen to those non-contributors? Believing there will be a New World Order is paranoid? I believe they are right in your face honest about this now. Inquiring minds want to know.

      • Randall W Berry says:

        Many presidents have talked about NWO.Its real but most dumb people wont believe it.Oh well when it slaps them in the face and realize they dont have any good skills or cant do hard labor and stop gitting fed by their captors they will get it. Just like the jews did!

  10. Perfect man not mo' says:

    For the dumbasses here: Think, no laws were enacted , no wall street bankers were arrested so nothing stands in the way of another economic meltdown. The debt is 18 trillion $$$. The US gov. is going to save you? They’re going to be too busy saving their bureaucracy. If they have to kill a few million Americans to do it , who is going to stop them?

  11. David Carmichiel says:

    hmmm i dont know i have heard watched over 30 of these over a hundred times and i have to say i have reservations about this one. not so much the message as in the production values and in the choppy quality of the dialogue/ to my ear and to my forensic software this so called anonymous release appears to be a montage built from earlier real releases and is not a true new message at all. cant prove it but listen closely and in over 25 places you can hear the sloppy editing of the pasted together words and phrases

  12. Docx Producerdj says:

    Is this a warning from the official Anonymous? *LOL*

  13. Tomm Hickey says:

    do realize that if the government was going to impose martial law and
    take over America, they wouldn’t use special operations forces, the main
    participants in Jade Helm 15, who are known for being creative and
    independent thinkers, not mindless obedient robots….in fact, they are
    the last people they would even tell about it because SOCOM would try to
    stop them. The military is not blind and stupid, we can realize if
    someone is giving us an unlawful order, and there is no way we will
    allow ourselves to be used to take over America or deprive American
    citizens of any rights, especially the 2nd Amendment. Jade Helm is an
    exercise designed to practice for overseas contingency operations in a
    variable filled, organic setting, not a sterilized and constructed
    setting such as a military base.

  14. should we expect Obama to stay in power if this turns into chaos and marital law is decalared?

  15. Robert K Marsh says:

    Wow I feel dumber for watch this video….but it only makes sense that most of you would believe this since only 1% of American population serves in the military…..but in other news because of this video now everyone on Facebook is now an expert on Jade Helm and are now all conspiracy theorists

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