Another A-List Celebrity Raped Someone…And A Veteran Journalist Is Not Letting Him Get Away With It


With A Final Push, It’s “Time The Dominoes Fell,” Says Latest Hollywood Whistle-blower

Former television personality Heather Unruh has come forward to name the next in what is becoming a long list of celebrities that used their position of power to pressure and manipulate those in weaker footing into a casting couch position.

In a tweet published yesterday, she said she had become “emboldened” by the Weinstein scandal and is choosing to speak out about the time that a celebrity “assaulted a loved one.”  In a closing sentence we can all agree on she said that it was “time the dominoes fell.”

Kevin Spacey was the celebrity in question this time.  Take a look:


The victim that Heather refers to isn’t quite clear and she’s not planning on talking until the victim is ready and makes a decision about how to do so.


Spacey’s Past:

The sexuality of Spacey has been in question ever since, despite having a wife, he came out at the Tony Awards:

The 57-year-old thespian has been followed by gay rumors for much of his A-list run. He’s never outright confirmed or denied them, but he used his hosting platform to indirectly acknowledge them. If he had something to reveal, he never got around to spilling. Instead, he played the rumors – and by extension, his sexuality – for laughs.

This tidbit of information makes his pool of victims that much broader.  His victim could be of any age and any gender.

Is Unruh Reliable? Her Track Record Speaks For Itself. This Is An Issue Close To Home For Her:

In 2016, Heather Unruh departed from her network in an exit that was unexpected and unexplained.  She would later again take to the airwaves in an interview and while she didn’t explain the exact reason for her departure, she did hint at it:

“Probably the biggest change I have witnessed is how people get their news. Young people now expect their news in real time, relying on mobile devices rather than television,” Unruh says. “That has made the fight for viewers all the more competitive. As a result, women are ‘encouraged’ to dress more provocatively than I feel is appropriate for delivering news.”

Unruh worked in the media for 27 years. She’s no spring chicken made bashful from a momentary loss of innocence. Say what you will about her politics but her voice is one of authority when it comes to peeling back the curtain that obscures the behind-the-scenes lives of broadcast journalists.  Her interview continued:

“In the last decade, women have been strongly encouraged to dress in a way that I didn’t feel comfortable with, nor do I think it’s appropriate for women going on the air to deliver the news as a public service to be dressed like they’re at a cocktail party,” she said. “That’s what news has become and it’s not unique to Boston. Wearing a sleeveless dress on a day when it’s minus 20 degrees outside is ridiculous.”

There’s a lot more to this story that needs to come out before we can understand the nature of the accusations.  Kevin Spacey has a wife, but he might be gay according to his own admission. His victim could be male or female.  One thing is certain, this story doesn’t stop with Spacey and the elites among the intelligentsia need to be universally scrutinized.  Power must be held accountable so that the deployment thereof is exercised within the acceptable boundaries that society has set forth.  The unforgivable sin of exploitation must be rooted out ruthlessly and without mercy.

There’s no privileged class in these states and those that seek to form one need to be brought to justice.

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