BREAKING: Another Close Clinton Associate Just Found DEAD…. SPREAD THIS EVERYWHERE


Wikileaks collaborator James Dolan was found dead recently under mysterious circumstances…yet another body to add to the Clinton body count perhaps?

Dolan was one of the masterminds behind the technology known as SecureDrop – a whistleblower submission system. Working alongside Aaron Schwartz and Wired editor Kevin Poulsen to develop this technology, it allowed Wikileaks to obtain and publish the now infamous emails from the leaked from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and  John Podesta.  Given these few details, it certainly seems to fit the usual pattern of behavior for those that cross the Clinton Cartel.

According to Gizmodo

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First deployed as StrongBox with The New Yorker, organizations such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Associated Press, and Gizmodo Media Group have all come to rely on SecureDrop—which allows highly secure communication between journalists and sources in possession of sensitive information or documents. As an industry tool, it has become invaluable for reporters. 


Dolan joined the Freedom of the Press Foundation to maintain SecureDrop after co-creator Aaron Swartz took his life in 2013 at age 26, as pressure mounted in a federal investigation against him that many felt was overzealous.

The former Marine was only 36 years old and was described by those that knew him as an intensely private and modest person.  He was not known to be suicidal, yet over the Christmas holidays, he is said to have taken his own life.  Dolan was announced dead by Freedom of the Press Association, however besides claiming that he “took his own life over the holidays” few details about his strange and rather untimely passing have been made available to the public.

Wikileaks made the announcement from their verified Twitter account stating –


Second developer of WikiLeaks inspired submission system “SecureDrop”, security expert James Dolan, aged 36, has tragically died. He is said to have committed suicide. The first, Aaron Swartz, is said to have taken his own life at age 26, after being persecuted by US prosecutors.

The Freedom of the Press Foundation expressed their extreme sorrow at Dolan’s untimely passing, describing him as a “quiet, modest, hard-working man” and stated of his death – “It is impossible to overstate how fundamentally important James Dolan was to the development of both Freedom of the Press Foundation and SecureDrop. We are heartbroken he is gone, but we are also eternally grateful to have known and worked with him.”

Co-collaborator on the SecureDrop Project, Kevin Poulsen described Dolan’s key role in the project’s creation in the New Yorker in 2013 –

In New York, a computer-security expert named James Dolan persuaded a trio of his industry colleagues to meet with Aaron to review the architecture and, later, the code. We wanted to be reasonably confident that the system wouldn’t be compromised, and that sources would be able to submit documents anonymously—so that even the media outlets receiving the materials wouldn’t be able to tell the government where they came from. James wrote an obsessively detailed step-by-step security guide for organizations implementing the code. “He goes a little overboard,” Aaron said in an e-mail, “but maybe that’s not a bad thing.”

The third collaborator on the SecureDrop project Aaron Swartz died in 2013 at the age of 26. Swartz also died under mysterious circumstances ruled a suicide during an especially aggressive and what many viewed as exceedingly overzealous prosecution by the US government during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state in the Obama administration.

Many first amendments and free speech advocates testify to the complete change that the platform Swartz was known for called Reddit underwent after his passing. The blogging site was known for free speech, free exchange of information exchange, and sometimes conspiracy theories during Swartz lifetime.  However, after his alleged suicide, the fourth most popular website in America became known as sharply partisan leftist propaganda hack site with random gags and bans on users that dare to challenge the status quo or criticize the political correct ideologies of the left and their chosen few.

Memorial services have not yet been finalized at this time for Dolan, however, his impact on the battle for free speech and his advocacy for the freedom of the press and accountability of government, not to mention his attempts to take on the monster behemoth known as Hillary Clinton will not be forgotten.  May he rest in peace.

h/t – the Gay Republican

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