BREAKING: Another MAJOR FOX News Anchor Just Joined The Trump Administration

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The beautiful Heather Nauert of “Fox & Friends” will soon be making a startling and exciting announcement: she’s going to be assisting in making the State Department great again.  In an exclusive published by Bloomberg, two unnamed sources from within State (which has yet to make an official announcement) have declared Nauert will be taking the position of spokeswoman for the department previously held by Obama cronies and Clinton stooges.  What a breath of fresh air!

The 47 year old veteran of Fox brings a keen understand of how the news industry works — she has spent the entirety of her professional life in the business and has racked up over 20 years as a lead anchor.  Previously she has worked at other outlets such as ABC and has contributed reports to shows such as “World News Tonight” and “Good Morning America.”  She even received an Emmy nomination.

While there has yet to be any official announcement from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Nauert is a widely respected professional and her face at the podium and acting as a go-between the department and reporters will certainly help smooth over any PR wrinkles that might develop during the course of her tenure.  With a net worth of $3 million and an annual salary of $500k from Fox News, Nauert had to feel strongly about serving her country–she certainly gave up enough to do it.

Are there any areas of concern?  Minor ones. She’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations which has close to 5,000 members. While this is a globalist institution and directly opposes nationalism there is a reality that we all must accept: we can’t change the system from the outside.  To change the system you need to be on the inside and with insiders as allies.  Heather Nauert is the woman for the job.

Nauert is a midwest woman and understands the heartland of America.  The flyover states can rest assured that with her voice in the mix America and every American will be recognized as foreign diplomacy develops.


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