ANOTHER WHITE Girl Murdered By ANGRY BLACK LUNATIC… Of Course Media, Obama And Sharpton SILENT


Lacie LaRose, 19, was shot and killed at a Texas graduation party by an angry black lunatic…


39-year-old Black THUG Ronald Wayne McNeil and his buddies crashed a college graduation party and with that good old BLACK chip on his shoulder caused a big scene which resulted in the death of a young WHITE girl. After all, he’s black and is oppressed by the evil white man right? SOB!

First of all, why is a 39 year-old man crashing a fricking COLLEGE party? Shouldn’t he be eating dinner, watching a little tube and hitting the hay to get rested up and ready to go to FRICKING WORK THE NEXT DAY?

So he went to the party and was an a**hole and the people at the party wanted his stinking a** and his fellow racist thugs to get the hell out of their otherwise fun party.

This all started over a game of fricking beer pong…

And the fact that people weren’t rooting for the black boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the Mayweather /  Manny Pacquiao fight.

So the bastard grabbed his Glock and fired off 14 rounds KILLING a beautiful white girl. Her name is Lacie LaRose… 

This a hole is a convicted felon. So NO commie gun grabbing law would prevent this type of senseless act. The D-bag had the gun ILLEGALLY!

And NO gun law will make a racist change his or her views.

This is a fricking HATE CRIME-PERIOD! But since it is a white person killed by a black person it will go completely untouched by the LIBERAL BASTARDS in the media.

Will we have RIOTS? Hell no we wont. Will Obama send ‘delegates’ to this girls funeral? Absolutely NOT! Will Al Sharpton or any of the other suppressed BLACKS make a big issue over this? And will Black Lives Matters march and spew their hatred over this? LMAO HELL NO THEY WON’T!

To the Black racists this punk ass bastard is a fricking hero! I mean this is the new America! And to tell you the truth I am getting damn sick of people that aren’t WHITE doing all this sh*t.

I am not a racist but the Obama effect is taking it’s toll on me as well as the blacks and other nationalities. We were doing GREAT before that Kenyan entered the picture. NOW? We are screwed. PERIOD. Dean James III%



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