ALERT: Reports Confirm ANTHRAX KILLED 109…Here’s What We Know


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BREAKING: 10% Of The Local Population Was DECIMATED…Authorities Investigating

Authorities in the country of Namibia have released some alarming news: roughly 10% of all hippos in the country have been struck down and killed with anthrax.  The report, which was first released by China’s Xinhua News, is troubling ecologists in an area plagued by poaching and other illegal black-market activities.  Hippo teeth became a hot commodity on the black market following the prohibition of Elephant Ivory.  As such, authorities are cautioning locals to avoid the site despite the potential monetary compensation.

Namibia made the news earlier this year when President Trump applauded their work in development during his speeches at the United Nations.  Famously, our president let slip a minor gaffe and mispronounced the name causing liberal demagogues to hound him for naming  a “non-existent country.”  These people largely fell into to groups: those that lied about Trump’s statement and those that were more ignorant than they accused him of being and simply didn’t know that any similar sounding country existed!

Anthrax is an infection caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis and it can be deadly in four different ways: inhalation, skin contact, consumption, and injection.  The infection will lay dormant in victims for one day until up to 2 months whereupon brutal symptoms begin to develop including blisters, ulcers, severe fever, chest pain, nausea and diarrhea.

This isn’t the first case of an outbreak in Africa, but it is one of the most deadly.  In 2012, Zambia suffered from an outbreak that spread from hippos to humans after infected tissue in the hippo population was harvested for meat–bushmeat is real threat to sanitary living in the region.

Hearkening Back To Tragedy In America:

In 2001. the United States was the target of a mail-in terror spree utilizing the bacteria in order to infect Americans.  During those horrifying weeks, five people were murdered and another 17 were hospitalized due to an infection with Anthrax.  Of the five that died, two were innocent postal workers that came in contact with something they could never have expected to find in a mailroom.  Three others, a hospital employee, an elderly woman, and journalist at a tabloid were also victims.  To this day, there have been no arrests made despite the FBI launching an investigation into 9,100 people and issuing more than 6,000 subpoenas.

In 2015, more than 50 labs were mailed samples of live anthrax bacterium. At the time, the Pentagon reported that no civilians were at risk but were puzzled by shipment.  It was later revealed that the Department of Defense was behind the shipment and that it was caused by an error–they meant to send dead bacteria samples but accidentally sent live ones.  It leaves the natural question in everyone’s mind: why would the government have massive amounts of live Anthrax?

Back To Africa:

Officials are assuring the public that no one needs to be alarmed and that such outbreaks can occur in the region, particularly when the water in the Kavango River runs low.

Still, the pictures from the scene of the disaster are quite saddening and viewer discretion is advised:

Veterinarians still need to confirm the cause in a number of areas and they remain optimistic that the population of hippos will recover, they are still uncertain about the total body count.

Anthrax is a horrible way to die.  The disease impacts more than 2,000 lives annually and mostly in Africa where food sources are scared and desperation abundant. Let’s all pray that they resolve this situation quickly–for the animals and the humans in the region alike!



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