Breaking News About Writer Of ANTI-TRUMP BOOK… This Is REALLY BAD!!!


The new anti-Trump book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” Michael Wolff, already has a problem on his hands and the book hasn’t even been released yet.

Michael Wolff, who claims to have spent months speaking with White House staff and friends of the President, isn’t exactly the most credible of people. In fact, one of his own editors once stated that he has “no skill greater than creating the “appearance” of knowing things he does not in fact know.”


With that in mind, there’s no several parts of his book that are being called into question, especially a quote from former Fox News head Roger Ailes. According to The Hill, the following excerpt is from Wolff’s book:

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“You need a son of a b*tch as your chief of staff,” Ailes purportedly told Trump. “And you need a son of a bitch who knows Washington. You’ll want to be your own son of a b*tch, but you don’t know Washington.”

Ailes then allegedly told Trump to choose former House Speaker John Boehner, to which Trump replied, “Who is that?” Wolff claims.

However, there’s a really big issue with Wolff’s claim – President Trump has known John Boehner for years.


Check out the following tweets the Daily Wire discovered:

“Scary. President Obama told Boehner that the government doesn’t have a spending problem”

“Speaker John Boehner, who I like, should never have agreed to raise taxes because the Republicans got absolutely nothing for it!”


“No taxes in Boehner or Reid Plan—-important victory for America.”

“Wacky @glennbeck who always seems to be crying (worse than Boehner) speaks badly of me only because I refuse to do his show–a real nut job!”

“My interview yesterday from Newsmax – “Obama Is ‘Now Totally Lost,’ Boehner Must Not Fold”

As you can see, the President definitely knows who Speaker Boehner is. But that’s not the only fabrication in Wolff’s book, which has the left wetting themselves right now because of the salacious claims within it.

The Washington Post reported that a number of people Wolff quoted in the book dispute ever making the statements he attributed to them.

Wolff, for example, writes that Thomas Barrack Jr., a billionaire friend of Trump’s, told a friend that Trump is “not only crazy, he’s stupid.” Barrack on Wednesday denied to a New York Times reporter that he ever said such a thing.

Katie Walsh, a former White House adviser, has also disputed a comment attributed to her by Wolff, that dealing with Trump was “like trying to figure out what a child wants.”

V. Saxena at Downtrend has more on the Post’s story:

Moreover, Wolff’s “reliability has been challenged before — over quotes, descriptions and general accounts he’s provided in his many newspaper and magazine columns and in several books.”

“Wolff has even acknowledged that he can be unreliable: As he recounted in ‘Burn Rate’ — his best-selling book about his time as an early Internet entrepreneur — Wolff kept his bankers at bay by fabricating a story about his father-in-law having open-heart surgery,” the Post further notes.

“How many fairly grievous lies had I told?” Wolff wrote. “How many moral lapses had I committed? How many ethical breaches had I fallen into? . . . Like many another financial conniver, I was in a short-term mode.”

Additionally, in a profile on Wolff from Slate Magazine, hardly a conservative publication, Wolff’s credibility is called into question.

A 2004 New Republic profile of Wolff meanwhile noted that “the scenes in his columns aren’t recreated so much as created—springing from Wolff’s imagination rather than from actual knowledge of events.” The same piece quoted an editor who worked with Wolff as saying “his great gift is the appearance of intimate access. He is adroit at making the reader think that he has spent hours and days with his subject, when in fact he may have spent no time at all.” A 1998 article about Wolff’s book Burn Rate surfaced Wednesday by writer Brad Plumer notes that several of the subjects of the book say Wolff “invented or changed quotes” that were attributed to them.

Take from this what you will; however, it appears as if Wolff was more interested in selling copies of his book, by any means necessary, than he was giving America truthful insight into President Trump’s administration.

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