AntiFa Activists Have Violent Plans for Durham Tomorrow


The World Worker’s Party is a militant leftist Communist organization that has been proven to be the backbone of the violent group known as Antifa.  The group has declared the violence they and Black Lives Matter visited on Charlottesville along with the KKK and some white supremacists a “victory” but promised more violence is on the horizon.


These are today’s Bolsheviks and they believe this is their revolution. This is literally only the beginning unless we stand up and stamp out this poison, and utterly eradicate it from existence.

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One of the males arrested for the toppling of the monument meant to show unity between the races and the North and the South in Durham, North Carolina is Dante Strobino. He speaks of racist police and state terror.  Strobino describes himself as a revolutionary socialist, Marxist-Leninist, and a working class trade unionist for United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America. He proclaims on his Twitter account that he wants to “Organize the South! Black Lives Matter! Disarm Police, ICE & the Pentagon” along with his allegiance to 


Stobino many others joined a massive movement to turn themselves in at the Durham County Courthouse, demanding charges be dropped against Takiya Thomson stating, “Mass turn-in at the jail this morning, demanding that the charges be dropped! If you target some for tearing down white supremacy, arrest us all! #DefendDurham #SmashWhiteSupremacy#DefendCville

Thompson is the woman shown climbing the historical statue and placing a tow strap around it so it could be yanked down.  Strobino and others are attempting to force the city of Durham to drop the charges against her.

As a result, Strobino also has revealed via social media that yet another Antifa rally is scheduled for Saturday, August 20, 2017.The rally is scheduled to begin at 6:00 pm EST at the Harriet Tubman Solidarity Center.  Members of the Workers World Party will be present in force. Residents of Durham should be prepared for violence as anywhere Antifa goes violence seems to follow, much like the Brown Shirts in Nazi Germany during the rise of the 3rd Reich.

These people are organized and all over.  They are not as weak and impotent as they would like many Americans to believe. Their attack strategy comes in three phases. The Red – initiate attacks. Yellow – do not initiate but swarm in groups on whatever the Red’s target is all so red can escape. Then there is the Green.  These are the newbies and/or paid actors who have no clue what to do.  The Green is what is presented as Antifa.  That is their strategy so people will be unprepared for what they are up against.

This will not end until WE the PEOPLE put a stop to it.

Be prepared. Be vigilant. Be aware.  Knowledge is power.  Know your enemy.

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