JUST IN: ANTIFA Heading To THIS State For MASSIVE “Bloodbath” Riots


Nationwide demonstrations and strikes are scheduled today nationwide today for May Day or May 1. The Fair Immigrant Reform Movement (FIRM), a coalition of immigrant advocacy organizations and union groups are planning to march in protest of President Trump’s immigration policies.

In many metro areas, they claim that the goal is to show the value of immigrant labor. They claim they march to show solidarity with the immigrant communities facing sweeping deportations from the Department of Homeland Security.


Many others are simply perplexed as to exactly what actual issue is and yet others state this is yet another attack by a leftist progressive agenda determined to change the definitions of words so as to appear the victim.

Most Americans have no issues with those that immigrate to this country legally and feel that immigrants bring a great deal to this country.

Many Americans are not that many generations removed from being immigrants themselves.  However, the problem lies in those that want to infiltrate our borders and live at our expense and now they want to protest that we are not welcoming them with open arms.

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As many have come to expect where these protests take place, groups like Antifa or the Anti-Fascists are never far behind to stoke the flames and watch the world burn.  Their group claims to be “dedicated to research and action against fascist cultural and political organizing.” Except many of them so intent on protesting fascism that they do not seem to recognize that they are practicing the very tactics they claim to be against.  This group believes they have a right to restrict your right to speak freely. That they are somehow granted additional rights that make their opinions more valid that say yours or mine.  This group plans to descend upon Nashville, Tennessee today to participate in a demonstration of their own.

The coalition of groups participating in the march includes Workers’ Dignity, Music City Riders United, Black Lives Matter Nashville, the Central Labor Council, Jobs with Justice, Justice for Jocques Coalition, Power Together Tennessee, UAW Local 737, and the Women’s March Network. The coalition is calling the action one to “demand sanctuary for all,” including affordable housing, better public transit, the end of wage theft, and an end to deportations.

The groups are calling for a living wage and “an end to local and national policies that target communities of color and working-class communities.” They have their roots in Marxism and Anarcho-Communism with directives to “assemble in solidarity with our fellow workers. Local workers, foreign workers, immigrant workers, women workers, young workers, student workers. We remember the past and those who fought for our future. Abolish the wage system!” It appears this domestic terror group is going to rally in support of a communist revolution alongside illegal aliens, immigrants, Union proponents, and various others, intent upon turning Nashville into a similar situation to what was experienced in Berkley.

From the Nashville Antifa Facebook page –

“Over a hundred years have passed since the first May Day. In the earlier part of the 20th century, the US government tried to curb the celebration and further wipe it from the public’s memory by establishing “Law and Order Day” on May 1. We can draw many parallels between the events of 1886 and today. We still have locked out steelworkers struggling for justice. We still have voices of freedom behind bars as in the cases of Mumia Abu Jamal and Leonard Peltier. We still had the ability to mobilize tens of thousands of people in the streets of a major city to proclaim “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!” at the WTO and FTAA demonstrations.




Patriots are gathering for a counter-protest in response to this communist gathering of individuals intent upon advocating for the loss of our freedoms in their efforts to advance their own.

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Mathew Vadum, the author of Subversion, Inc, stated –

[Antifa] are nihilistic thugs who want to destroy everything that is good in America. They’re a leftist counterpart to skinheads and neo-Nazis. They call themselves anti-fascists but they use fascistic tactics against their targets. Just as Hitler’s Sturmabteilung, or SA, beat up and terrorized political opponents …”

Antifa plans to use the cover of this immigration rally to call for strikes, violently if necessary, stating, “On this day, we will not go to work. We will not go to school. We will not buy anything.”

Antifa just might get the bloodbath they want in Tennessee. We will be locked and loaded.  We are not looking for trouble, but if trouble comes to us? Then we will defend our families, our homes, our freedoms, and our workplaces.

God Bless.

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