ANTIFA Raises Flag Over THIS City’s Government Building

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We have apparently at some point entered an alternate parallel universe where the likes of ANTIFA are considered something to be praised.  Where Communism is something a nation founded on individual liberty and certain unalienable rights welcomes.

In the wake of the disaster created by local government officials in Charlottesville, Virgina on Saturday as a result of attacks from ANTIFA, nearly 1,000 far leftist rioters and agitators marched through the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota on Monday night in a solidarity protest with Charlottesville, Virginia.

The protesters replaced the Hennepin County flag with the Antifa flag at the Hennepin County Government Center. The county flag was removed and replaced by the ANTIFA flag raising it just across from city hall while nearly 100 people looked on and cheered.

The ANTIFA flag was up and flying for approximately 30 minutes before Hennepin County removed it. These are some scary revelations in the ever-evolving mess that is Charlottesville.


The left continues to give groups like ANTIFA a free pass, not denouncing their actions, yet condemning the white nationalists.  Events and protests such as this have been happening across the nation since Saturday.


ANTIFA is a domestic terror organization.  They have demonstrated their aptitude for violence over and over again. Berkley is a prime example of just exactly what they are capable of. If an investigation into the terror activities of the groups involved in the Charlottesville debacle should take place, ANTIFA needs to be on the list for investigation.

It is a well-known fact that Minnesota has been in the crosshairs of trouble since the shooting of Justine Damond by a Somali cop. Yet city officials allowed the flag of an anarchist terror organization to fly over city hall for some 30 minutes? Where are we? The TWILIGHT ZONE??? Are we going to raise the ISIS flag too?

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