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The battle for free speech rages on at the University of California Berkeley. As leftists and progressives tighten their stranglehold on the university campus threatened at the very idea of an alternate point of view, where Conservative ideology is quite literally one of the most vulgar things a person could ascribe to on campus, conservatives are attempting to fight back.

Troy Worden is the former head of the University of California Berkeley College Republicans.  Worden has filed a lawsuit against Yvette Felarca.  Felarca is the far-left communist activist behind the group known as By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) and one of the leaders at the forefront of the Antifa movement.

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Worden is seeking more than $100,000 in damages over what he describes as a series of harassing and frivolous restraining orders designed with the express order of intimidation in an effort to silence him, preventing the UC Berkeley College Republicans from exercising their right to free speech. The orders claimed to prevent Worden from approaching Felarca or any of her Antifa colleagues.  However, in actual practice, the orders completely restricted his movement in and around the UC Berkley campus since they specified he was not lawfully allowed to come within so many feet of any BAMN or Antifa members including Felarca herself making it exceedingly difficult to even attend classes. Every single restraining order has since been tossed out as unwarranted or unfounded.

Worden issued a statement through his attorney –


“Felarca’s frivolous legal actions were meant to intimidate me and hinder my political activism, but also prevented me from going to class on occasion. I can now go on with my main purpose at UC Berkeley, which is to get an education and exercise my free speech rights without interference. 

Felarca filed a frivolous restraining order that restricted Worden’s First and Second Amendment rights, and made it difficult for him to move around the campus to attend classes. Felarca and her attorney attempted to make free speech expensive and it is time that they pay for their misuse of the court system.”

Worden has also named Felarca’s attorney, Shanta Driver, in the lawsuit.  Driver is named as a party based on the theory that Driver is the one that crafted the legal strategy of filing the series of restraining orders in an effort to silence Worden’s movement on and around campus in a concerted and targeted effort to prevent Worden from hosting events, speaking on campus, and preventing him from attending any Antifa or BAMN rallies.

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Worden’s lawsuit is just the latest installment in the ongoing an legal battle between UC Berkley Republicans and UC Berkley administration and Antifa activists. Campus Republican groups have alleged collusion between Antifa and the school’s administration in an effort to silence any alternate points of view, and especially those of conservative ideology on campus.

The Dhillon Law Group has also filed a lawsuit against UC Berkley on behalf of the Young America’s Foundation and the Berkeley College Republicans.  The complaint details multiple violations of the first and fourteenth amendment rights of the Berkeley College Republicans and YAF so far this year. Numerous discriminatory practices are outlined as well as the complaint outlines discriminatory time, place, and manner restrictions on conservatives’ free speech rights on a non-content neutral basis.

The complaint details the events that took place on campus at the February 1, 2017, Milo Yiannopoulos event where destruction, mayhem, and riots ensued while police stood by and watched.  Officers were given orders to stand down despite demanding several thousand dollars in security fees from students simply to allow the event to occur in the first place. The sum of which was paid by the Berkley College Republicans.

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After the melee that ensued as a result of the actions of Antifa, university administration adopted a series of unwritten and ever-changing policies. These policies gave UC Berkley absolute power in determining time, place, and manner of restriction on the Berkeley College Republicans’ free speech creating a host of problems in the planning of subsequent events for the Berkeley College Republicans and YAF.

These restrictions included but were not limited to limiting the attendance of the events; limiting events to student attendees only; limiting the event to occur during daylight hours; disallowing BCR or YAF to advertise their event online or on campus; withholding information from attendees until hours before the start of an event; requiring the speaker to speak at a location away from the center of campus; and imposing excessive, overbearing security fees, to name a few.

Dhillon emphasized that this is ultimately about the fundamental protection of free speech, equal protection, and due process.

“The fundamental free speech, equal protection, and due process issues at stake in this lawsuit are not only about the rights of conservative students on public property — but also about the concept of treating ALL students fairly when it comes to access to the public goods and venues at issue.

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In 2017, conservative students have to pay to import conservative speakers from off campus, while liberal students’ every whim is indulged inside and outside the classroom. Not only is this unfair and, indeed — illegal, but it also disserves all students on the campus, who are subjected to an increasingly hollow echo chamber of self-reinforcing liberal orthodoxy. Our students and taxpayers in California deserve and are entitled to a content-neutral platform for all speech, and we will pursue this goal in the courts until we achieve success.”



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