The Governor Is PISSED And So Is THIS Agency- “Touch Arizona Ballots or Machines…Spend Time in an Arizona Prison”


By now I’m sure that you have heard about the ongoing Arizona audit in Maricopa County related to the fraudulent 2020 election where Biden was declared the winner over PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP which by the way is a complete sham.


There is no way in hell that the demented, senile, scumbag that hid in his basement won the election.

The dude’s rallies were a joke with a couple dozen people showing up (on a good night) while Trump packed stadiums with tens of thousand patriots.

And then there’s the messaging.

Biden’s message was that America is racist and he will open the border to allow millions of illegal aliens into our country and house them, feed them and give them free everything.


It’s impossible that Americans voted for that over Trump’s message of keeping the border secure, backing our LEO and military and building record setting economies for all races.

It’s fricking ridiculous and the election was rigged without a shadow of a doubt.

Biden can’t even complete a freaking sentence- even if it’s from a 100 foot tall teleprompter!

Anyways, back to the audit in Maricopa County.

Apparently Biden and his fellow Communists are in panic mode over what the audit is going to reveal.

They are going all out to interfere and stop the audit from taking place.

Now Biden has the DOJ involved and that is NOT going to turn out the way Biden wants.

Regular readers of ours know that we back the DOJ as well as ICE, CBP, Law Enforcement and our military.

But there is no doubt that there are bad actors in these agencies, especially the FBI and CIA.

It’s a FACT.

Like I said, the dems are trying everything they can to end and further corrupt this audit like they did all over America.

100 Percent FED Up has more:

To that end, they are trying to send the fox to guard the hen house by inserting Biden’s DOJ into the audit process, claiming that this audit–the first independent audit of its scale and thoroughness–stemming from the 2020 election is somehow illegal.

Yes. Really.

Here’s where it gets good.

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After hearing this, Arizona state senator, Wendy Rogers warned the meddling Biden DOJ, “you need to stay in your lane. Do not touch Arizona ballots or machines unless you want to spend time in an Arizona prison.”


The AZ GOP backed up Wendy Rogers claims that the audit is perfectly up to snuff.

With the Biden regime having a complete panic attack, let’s hope the audit in Maricopa County is not interfered with.

But, if it is, let’s hope Wendy Rogers is not just making empty threats.

Again, the election was rigged, we have reported on ample examples from many states but for some mysterious reason no judges would allow any cases to go through.

And that includes the Supreme Court.

The deep state is more powerful than we thought.

Now America is suffering and if Biden keeps shredding the Constitution on a daily basis there will be no more United States.

Frankly, we are the furthest from being united.

We are actually completely divided and I fear it will only get worse unless drastic measures are taken.

God help us.

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God Bless.

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