ARKANCIDE? GOP Operative Makes SHOCKING Claim About Hillary’s Emails, DIES 10 Days Later


A GOP operative was looking into Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails, and just ten days after making a stunning claim about them he ended up dead.

Peter W. Smith, a well-known Republican researcher, was trying to find the 33,000 emails Hillary deleted off of her private server. According to the Wall Street Journal, Smith talked to several different groups of hackers, and claims to have been able to obtain the emails in question.


Smith also claims to have been working with former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

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From TheBlaze:


The report said Smith implied to associates that Flynn was somehow associated with the attempt to obtain hacked emails. Flynn was a senior adviser to Trump at the time.

The Journal quoted Eric York, an Atlanta-area computer-security expert, who said Smith told him Flynn was interested in their efforts.


“He said, ‘I’m talking to Michael Flynn about this—if you find anything, can you let me know?’” York told the Journal.

The White House denied comment on the story, while a Trump campaign official denied Smith ever worked for the campaign in any capacity and that Flynn would have been operating as a “private individual” if he had any contact with Smith.

Smith himself admitted he did not work for the Trump campaign.

While that’s interesting, the juiciest part of the story comes at the end, where the Wall Street Journal reported Smith alleged to have some or all of the 33,000 emails, but couldn’t personally guarantee their authenticity so he never published them.

In the interview with the Journal, Mr. Smith said he and his colleagues found five groups of hackers who claimed to possess Mrs. Clinton’s deleted emails, including two groups he determined were Russians.

“We knew the people who had these were probably around the Russian government,” Mr. Smith said.

Mr. Smith said after vetting batches of emails offered to him by hacker groups last fall, he couldn’t be sure enough of their authenticity to leak them himself. “We told all the groups to give them to WikiLeaks,” he said. WikiLeaks has never published those emails or claimed to have them.

Mr. Smith said he never intended to pay for any emails found by hackers.

He said he understood the risk in publishing the emails himself. If, under public scrutiny, they proved not to be genuine, “people would say we made them up,” he said, and the whole project would be dismissed as a Republican hit job on the Clinton campaign. In the early 1990s, Mr. Smith helped publicize Arkansas state troopers’ claims that then-Gov. Bill Clinton had enlisted them to arrange trysts with women, an unproven allegation denied by the Clinton White House.

As I said earlier, Smith died just ten days after talking to the Journal about his findings. While he was 81 years old, it’s evident through his work that he wasn’t in horrible health.

Attempts to figure out how Smith passed away have turned up little results. Only an obituary from the Chicago Tribune could be found, and it made no reference to how he may have died.

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