Armed Muslim JIHAD On Mission From ‘Allah’ Storms Church… MEDIA SILENT


Corinth Missionary Baptist Church in Bullard, Texas, had a frightening encounter with a crazed gunman. Rasheed Abdul Aziz, 40, was taken into custody Sunday for walking into the church armed with a gun and telling the people ‘Allah sent him to slay the infidels.’

I see the MSM hasn’t spread this everywhere and certainly hasn’t called for the boycotting of Islam in America. Just sweep it under the rug like nothing happened, as usual unless it’s a White guy.

In Islam a man atones for his shortcomings by following Mohammed, who was a rapist , Jew killer, thief, and liar. Mohammed used criminals as henchmen and fighters to further Islam. Islam is the only thing that matters. Men are just pawns.

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ABC 7 reports:

According to Pastor John Johnson, Aziz appeared distressed and said that God had told him to “slay infidels.
“He said people are going to die today, that’s what he said to me,” says Johnson.

Johnson says Aziz entered the church through a side door, ended up in the conference room where Johnson and others were.

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The conversation with Aziz lasted about 5 minutes, and in those five minutes, Aziz reportedly told Pastor Johnson he was representing Allah and God had sanctioned him to kill and slay people. During that conversation, Johnson says that he was able to see that Aziz had a gun.

“Immediately my mind went to the fact that I knew we had several children and young members that were playing and running in the fellowship hall, I mouthed to them, this man has a weapon, I need you guys to go.”

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Johnson believed that the only way of getting out alive that day was to calm the terrorist down.

“I believe that his intent was when he came to our church was to actually kill somebody,” Johnson said.

But strangely, the next day when church deacon T.J. Johnson showed up to the church, he opened the front door and found a note that Aziz had left behind.

The note read, “My name is Rasheed Abdul Aziz. You helped me at a time of need. This house is blessed by God & all faiths. Muslim, Jew & the Christian shall all gather here in Peace and Justice for God as a whole for the betterment of mankind as a whole. I thank you.”


If this creeps you out, you’re in good company — there are a lot of unanswered questions in this story.

Johnson said his church is planning to install security cameras and it is also changing its visitor protocol should anything like this happen again.

“Do not get caught thinking that this only happens in other places, in big places,” Johnson said as a warning to other pastors. (H/T Conservative Tribune)

About the most positive spin I could put on this is that Rasheed Abdul Aziz was probably already borderline crazy before converting to Islam. Nutcases are drawn to Islam, because it provides reinforcement and justification for their homicidal tendencies. Massacre some innocent churchgoers, and your jihadi buddies will heap praise on you for doing Allah’s will. In other words, Islam is the perfect religion for the criminally insane.

On a less positive note, Islam seems capable of making otherwise normal people act totally insane. How many times has a normal person converted to Islam and then suddenly decided that beheading or blowing up his/her own infidel family is Allah’s will? Murder your sister because she wears lipstick or a miniskirt? No problem, and Allah will even give you 72 virgins in Heaven as a reward for your brutality.

Another reason to why this was not all over the TV, is maybe it would have shown how the faith in God the people had, and the way Pastor Johnson talked him down, that Christians are not as bad as the Liberals portray them. The left always wants to convince the public that Christians are hateful bigots, not forgiving people.

Thank God his humanity got the better part of him on this occasion.

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God Bless. 

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