Army Ranger Gets Confirmed Kill Using THIS Strange ‘Weapon’ For The First Time In History…


A simply AMAZING story about a United States Army Ranger is going viral and when you see this, you’ll understand why.

The Ranger, who wishes to remain anonymous may be the only person to have a confirmed kill with an MRE spoon! That’s right, a SPOON!

An MRE, for those of you unfamiliar is a ‘Meal Ready To Eat’ is a self-contained, individual field ration in lightweight packaging bought by the United States military for its service members for use in combat or other field conditions where organized food facilities are not available.

Anyways, according to Garndog from the veteran run website Grunt Stuff, the Ranger’s unit was tasked with assaulting a very strategic point in Iraq. It just so happens the individual mentioned here was attached to a Ranger Battalion during this time.

A small group of rangers were ordered to clear a building. As the group of rangers approached this particular building, they were unaware that roughly four hostile combatants ere waiting inside. The rangers stack the door, reach to breach. As they breach and enter the building, they are met with an exchange of gunfire. Without hesitation, they return fire, killing all but one enemy combatant. Although one fighter was alive, it took a few moments for the rangers to realize the hostile was attempting to pull the pin on a live, handheld grenade.
Being only feet away, our ranger buddy’s instincts and training took over. He rushed the enemy, immediately engaging in hand to hand combat. As they wrestle, this ranger can’t seem to get to his knife due to all of his gear being in the way.  Again, without hesitation, he reaches for the first solid object he could get his hands on- an MRE spoon!

After grabbing the spoon, he began stabbing the enemy in the neck until he was dead.

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HELL YEAH! That’s what I’m talking about right there! 


Editor’s note: If you don’t know what an MRE Spoon is, it’s a brown plastic spoon. It’s similar to a spoon you might use at a picnic but a little thicker and more durable.

Here’s a picture of an MRE Spoon (Left) next to a standard plastic spoon (right):



We want to thank Garndog at Grunt Stuff and ask that you check out their Facebook page! Tell them D-DOG sent you! 

God Bless.


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