Sheriff Joe Arpaio Just Issued This BRUTAL WARNING To Obama And PATRIOTS ARE CHEERING


When Obama returns from his tax-payer funded Christmas vacation in Hawaii he is set to put the most aggressive gun grab order into action. That’s what dictators do. Disarm the citizens. Well, Barry, good luck with that one.

WE WILL NOT COMPLY! And neither will hundreds of law enforcement officials including the one and only Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio! 

On December 18, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio referenced President Obama’s pending executive action on gun control and said executive order or not, guns will not be surrendered, Breitbart reports.

Arpaio talked about a number of gun-related issues and indicated that an ongoing problem is that guns and gun control have become part of the “political situation.” As a result, Democrats react to the criminal misuse of guns by grandstanding to punish law-abiding citizens with gun control.


The same thing happens after a terror attack, such as the one that took place in San Bernardino on December 2. Since then, Democrats have pushed to add the no-fly list to background checks, to expand background checks, to pass an “assault weapons” ban, and to institute and fund a national gun buyback.

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Now, Jen Psaki, White House communications director, says executive action to go around Congress and expand gun control will be coming in “weeks, not months.”


Arpaio addressed this pending executive action, saying, “Obama does know we have the Second Amendment, right?” He added, “I’ve said it before. I’m not surrendering the guns. He can give an executive order saying we’ve got to collect the guns, and I’m not going to do it.”

Sheriff Arpaio has never liked Obama. Obama has handcuffed the officers from protecting the border and arresting illegal aliens. Arpaio knows Obama’s birth certificate is a complete fraud. He also slams Obama’s lack of foreign policy and his non existent war on terrorism.


Arpaio points out that every time Obama picks up his ‘phone and pen’ he is bypassing Congress and violating the Constitution.

Sheriff Arapio has a warning for Obama on what Americans will do if Obama implements unconstitutional gun laws saying that “there’d be a revolution” if a president ever issued such an order.

The Sheriff is right. 

American citizens will NEVER surrender our guns to the government. That would be suicide. We don’t live in a dictatorship. We have fought for our rights and freedom and we refuse to cave to some Kenyan Muslim community organizer commie.



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