JUST IN: After ‘Nasty’ Ashley Judd Makes Ridiculous Speech At Women’s March, She Gets HORRIFYING News

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Actress and self-proclaimed feminist, Ashley Judd gave one of the more vile speeches at the Women’s March on Washington.  A march that it seems did not have a real clear message for anything other than bashing the newly sworn in President, Donald Trump.

Judd read a poem from 19-year-old Tennessean Nina Donovan. Judd shared a video of Donovan to her Facebook page late last year, proclaiming Donovan to be a “spoken word poet.” The poem attacked President Trump for everything but the kitchen sink making claims President Trump promotes sexism, racism, and homophobia. using a variety of disgusting imagery and foul language.

actress ashley judd women's march on washington

Judd began with –

I am a nasty woman. Not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheeto dust.”

Judd then asked why tampons are taxed but Rogaine and Viagra are not, discussed the gender wage gap as though it were fact, not fiction, and sexual harassment.

We are not here to be debunked, we are here to be respected. We are here to be nasty. I’m nasty, like the blood stains on my bed sheets.”


I’m not sure exactly how one expects to be respected while running around topless with a p*ssy hat on or dressing up as women’s genitals, but that’s apparently Judd’s goal.

Among the many attacks in the poem, perhaps the most offensive was when Judd stated that Trump uses his daughter Ivanka as his sex symbol, calling their relationship an inspiration for his “wet dreams.”

Judd received a lot of criticism, but her sister Wynonna Judd released a tweet that showed that Wynonna is decidedly not on board the anti-Trump rant train. She stated she normally does not inject politics into her public persona but she has always been patriotic,  typically using her social media to spark up conversations with her fans and to share bits of faith, the “Wynonna & The Big Noise”


Fans were quick to condemn Ashley while showing support for Wynonna and for President Trump.

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God Bless.

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