BREAKING: Attorney General Who Is Trying To Take Down Trump Just Got BUSTED Committing UNTHINKABLE Crime- Lock Him UP!


Well, well, well it seems New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been caught with his pants down.  Schneiderman has been caught using a private email address to conduct official business. Sound familiar?

It should as Schneiderman is big buddies with Hillary Clinton endorsing her during the 2016 Presidential election as well as serving on her leadership council in New York.


Court documents show Schneiderman involved in a year-long probe targeting ExxonMobil’s climate records used a private email address to conduct official business. Conservative legal group Energy and Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal) offered insight and explained in motion to the court Friday that New York AG Eric Schneiderman submitted a privilege log of correspondence containing the email account. A savvy judge caught the discrepancy, recognizing that the private account was used after a review of the log.

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The judge notes –


The record reveals that the respondents [the NY AG’s office] took great pains to hide the true facts of the Attorney General’s use of private email addresses in an effort to stave off a court-ordered supplemental search.


Interestingly enough, this is not Schneiderman’s first time being caught using private email accounts like this or attempting to cover it up, yet the NY Attorney General’s office had the audacity to claim in May that a search for personal email addresses was actually unnecessary due to the AG office’s policy of prohibiting the use of private emails for official business. The Attorney General’s office is, of course, denying the entire thing.

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The discovery process revealed that Lem Srolovic, an assistant attorney general at Schneiderman’s office, used his own personal email account back in 2012 to send presentations to colleagues in the AG’s office to prepare for a meeting with “environmental organizations.” Srolovic’s email was what raised the alarm and started questions being asked about just how often the office uses personal emails for professional meetings.  This use of personal email would be in direct violation of New York law if done while gathering information for the AG’s Exxon probe.

It is not currently clear if that particular presentation was used to build a case against companies like Exxon.  However, there is significant evidence the campaign against the oil company began as early as 2012 at the La Jolla conference. E&E Legal has now filed motions with the court to demand the name on the private email account.

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The Motion states –

  “Given OAG’s vociferous denials that a search of the Attorney General’s private email address was necessary, and subsequent          revelations that the Attorney General does indeed possess and use a private email address for the business of his office, the public is at a minimum entitled to know the domain name of the email address.”

E&E Legal states they want access to Schneiderman’s emails because they suspect wealthy environmentalists were instrumental in browbeating the Attorney General’s office into pursuing Exxon. Additional documents also reveal clandestine meetings in early 2017 with Schneiderman and billionaire liberal activists.

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Schneiderman met with Karla Sanchez, a deputy attorney general for “economic justice” in the NY AG office, as well as environmental activists associated with billionaire Tom Steyer in 2015, according to an email log obtained in 2016 through public information requests. The get-togethers coincided with the New York Democrat’s investigation into Exxon’s climate research. Shortly after he kick-started what appears to be an investigative witch hunt in November 2016, “demanding extensive financial records, emails and other documents” from the oil company dating back decades.

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Schneiderman’s investigation prompted several other state attorney generals to leap on the bandwagon with this witch hunt as well,  including fellow Democratic Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey.  He prompted multiple inquiries from other AG offices all based on reports from aggressively partisan organizations such as InsideClimate News and Columbia University, which claim Exxon has known the risks of global warming for decades but kept such knowledge under wraps.

In the wake of this fallout from yet another private email scandal in Schneiderman’s office, many of them have since dropped their pursuit of the investigation.

This is a man that has a history of picking fights based on politics. He investigated the Donald Trump Foundation during the 2016 Presidential election, a charity that had been in existence for more than 20 years yet all of sudden did not have “proper certification.” Most recently Schneiderman’s office has participated in an investigation against the Eric Trump Foundation with claims that he funneled money back into the Trump businesses from the charity. That investigation is ongoing.  Yet mysteriously the Clinton Foundation escapes investigation at all despite donations from foreign governments, some of which are hostile to American interests. Perhaps some comeuppance is due Schneiderman’s office, at last.

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