Awesome Patriot From Texas City Caught Making This Heroic Move…

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Here is something EVERY American can be PROUD of. Putting politics, division and all the other MSM garbage behind, this Patriot steps up and helps his fellow Texans who are in dire need of help. 

A man was spotted on the Highway prepping and getting his Boat ready. That’s when a local reporter stopped to tape the man and ask him a few questions. “Where are you from, what are you planning to do?” the reporter asked.

This Patriotic American’s response is sure to win the Hearts of America FOREVER!

The reporter asked… “You guys just jumpin’ in to help out?”

The Hero responded… “Yes Sir” and said he was coming from Texas City.

So, then the reporter proceeded to ask him… “What, what are you gonna do?”

and the Hero wholeheartedly responded… “I’m gonna try to save some lives.”

Patriots, this right here is what makes America such a great country. In times of Crisis and Devastation, we come together as one and help other fellow Americans in need. Unfortunately, you won’t see these types of stories on TV or the News, because it doesn’t fit their agenda. The more the Radical Leftists in this country keep America divided, the more George Soros conquers. What this Patriotic American did is beautiful and shows that there is still hope for America. This is what we are ALL about, remember that! God Bless this great man and everyone else out there helping.

Most Importantly, Let us NOT forget our Great First Responders, National Guard and the U.S. Coast Guard! Be Safe and Thank All of you for your Service and Sacrifice!

God Bless.

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