BREAKING: Ashli Babbitt MURDERER Revealed- The Reason They Hid His Name EXPOSED


As we’ve reported a Capitol Police officer murdered U.S. veteran Ashli Babbitt on January 6th. 


She was no threat and had no weapons but never-the-less she was shot and the man who murdered her in cold blood.

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Apparently the DoJ has no problem with the murder and have let this bastard off with no charges.

Now we know the name of the murderer- Lt. Mike Byrd.



This scumbag should be charged with 1st Degree murder but he’s free to do whatever the hell he wants.

This is NOT right.

In July, The Gateway Pundit confirmed that Lt. Mike Byrd was Ashli Babbit’s shooter. This morning, attorneys for the Babbitt family have also confirmed that Mr. Byrd is indeed Ashli’s killer.

Newsweek reports: Typically, police officers who shoot civilians are named publicly. But the January 6 riot and the riots that erupted after George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer, divided the country along political, class, and racial lines—making officials cautious about revealing the name of a Black police officer who killed a white protester.


Roberts said race was “clearly a factor” in the decision to shield Byrd from public scrutiny.

“It’s something that has to be considered because it’s just a clear pattern in the United States,” he said. “A white cop kills a Black individual? Their name is out there within a day. It’s all public. And look, a police officer is a public official. There should not be any exception for this.”

AMERICAS FREEDOM FIGHTERS had intel which determined that Byrd was the murderer but held back on reporting this until it was officially confirmed.


From 100 Percent FED Up:

Mr. Babbitt has obtained an attorney and is now suing the police for keeping the identity of his wife’s killer secret. Rumors are swirling around the notion that the unidentified officer is likely the same one who previously left his loaded Glock 22- in a Capitol restroom in 2019. Another officer found the gun during a routine security sweep.

A spokeswoman for the department at the time said, “The Department takes these matters very seriously, and has an extensive process to investigate and review incidents such as these, and holds personnel accountable for their actions.” The offending officer was placed under review but somehow was able to keep his job. It is unclear what, if any, disciplinary action was taken against him.

Tucker Carlson asked Babbitt’s attorney, Terrell Roberts, if he felt that the loaded gun incident and the department’s failure to dismiss the officer was the reason his identity is being kept hidden from the public.

‘I don’t know, but I think one of the reasons why they’re hiding his identity is they don’t have a good explanation for this shooting,’ Mr. Roberts said. “I think if Ashli Babbitt had been brandishing a firearm and she was shot, the officer would be identified by now, and they’d be pinning a medal on him.” Mr. Babbitt’s attorney went on, “So I don’t think they have a good explanation for this shooting, and that’s why they haven’t identified him.”


Conservatives shouldn’t get their hopes up that because Byrd’s identity has been confirmed, Ashli’s killer will face charges. We need to remember, she wasn’t an aggrieved BLM rioter mostly peaceful while torching a police cruiser, she was a 14-year military vet, an unarmed patriot and Trump supporter, and in today’s world, that made her a justifiable kill.

Click to donate to Ashli Babbitt’s family legal fund.

At 5′ 2″ tall and 115 pounds, Ashli could have been stopped by a single trained officer. The officer who decided to shoot her was not alone: there were over a half-dozen police officers on Ashli’s side of the door and several more on his side. In short, the use of deadly force served no legitimate law enforcement purpose, and violated her clearly established constitutional right against the use of excessive force.     

On top of this, Ashli was entitled to a warning and chance to surrender before she was shot to death.  Witnesses confirm that the officer did not give a verbal warning prior to firing. Due to the officer’s decision to conceal himself in a side room off the lobby, it is evident that she was unaware of the officer’s presence. The shooting was tantamount to an execution without trial, and violated ordinary standards of decency that exist in any civilized country.  As a veteran who served in combat zones abroad and risked her life for her country, she deserved better.

This is absolutely outrageous and again, this THUG should be behind bars facing 1st Degree murder charges.

Rest in peace Ashli.

Our deepest condolences go out to her husband and family and friends.


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