[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] Over the weekend, with my wife working, I decided to venture down to my old stomping grounds, Hyde Park, and in particular, the campus of University of Chicago. I've been gone for a couple months now and while I am happy to move on with new adventures, this place will never grow old to me. Walking through the various quads, soaking in the rich history and architecture, it was great to be back. With the sun setting, I could only think of one vantage point to capture this fleeting light: Rockefeller Chapel. I've posted an image very similar to this a while back, but I couldn't resist (and besides, with new gear in hand, I feel like it's all new again). I was hoping for a kaleidoscope of color as the sun ventured further below, but amazingly the clouds vanished. Either way, it was a true pleasure to be back on familiar grounds, with camera in hand.