MORE Bad News For Ted Cruz IMMEDIATELY After Rumors Of Fiorina For VP Pick Swirl

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Later today, Sen. Ted Cruz is set to make a big announcement, and it’s rumored that he’s going to say he’s choosing Carly Fiorina as a potential running mate, should he end up getting the GOP nomination. While the move reeks of desperation from a floundering candidacy, there may be a lot more behind it, which could spell bad news for the Texas senator.

As many are aware, Cruz’s chances of actually getting the nomination are slim to none, considering he trails front-runner Donald Trump by almost 500 delegates, which means picking someone for vice president is more of a hail mary to try to muster up support than anything else. While the potential team up isn’t a major surprise to anyone paying attention, the connections between the pair go much deeper than what it may seem.

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Back in September the Federal Election Commission (FEC) announced that it was opening an inquiry into a case where a Cruz-supporting super PAC had given $500,000 to a Fiorina-supporting super PAC.

Here’s the document showing the donation:

MORE Bad News For Ted Cruz IMMEDIATELY After Rumors Of Fiorina For VP Pick SwirlAt the time, Fiorina was still in the GOP presidential race. And though the money-giving is allowed for PAC’s, it is unusual campaign behavior, thus prompting an investigation to determine what the money was specifically used for.

To date, the Cruz super PAC’s half million contribution to Fiorina remains its largest expenditure.

Now Cruz is already in hot water back in Texas, where he’s currently being investigated by the Federal Elections Commission for illegal campaign fundraising, so the last thing he needs is another investigation. However, the group “Defend Our Freedoms Foundation” is demanding the FEC launch a full investigation into Cruz and Fiorina’s relationship, which may just be enough pressure to make it happen.

For such an “honest and trustworthy” Christian, Cruz sure does seem to have some rather crooked things going on behind the scenes. Apparently, this kind of thing is just par for the course for Lyin’ Ted. It’s just too bad his supporters can’t see it.

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