Badly Injured WAR HERO Leaves Trump Campaign Speechless With STUNNING Message


Iraqi war hero Staff Sgt. Bobby Henline was badly injured while on an 82 Airborne mission North of Baghdad in 2007. He was literally blown up and lost four of his comrades when their Humvee was destroyed by a roadside bomb. He suffered 38 per cent burns to his body, spent two weeks in a coma and despite two years of treatment, lost his left arm.

But he fought back by becoming a stand-up comic and found humor amid the horror in the hope it would help himself and others injured in combat, Daily Mail reports.

Now Bobby has put his head above the parapet again and come out in support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump – even offering to be a foreign policy adviser to the GOP front-runner.

Henline, 44, of San Antonio, Texas, is impressed with the billionaire’s campaign and thinks he could help him fine-tune his policies.


Trump has controversially called to bring back waterboarding and raised concerns that US troops have been banned from using the interrogation technique while terror group ISIS are ‘chopping off people’s heads’.


Henline, a veteran of four combat tours of Iraq, told Daily Mail Online he agreed with the tough stance.

 “I have issues with some of the restrictions we have with the rules of engagement,” he said and added, “If you get captured you’re getting your head cut off on TV. But then we can’t pour water on their face to get them to talk to us. That is frustrating. Waterboarding is something we would do to our own guys as part of training but we can’t do it to this guy who is trying to kill us?”


Henline points out that when you are in a war situation, “you have to do things that you wouldn’t normally do in life.”

“I like that Trump is not just another politician,” he said. “I think it is smart to have a businessman in the White House”

He thinks that  “one of the president and vice president should be a businessman and the other should be military.”

“I would definitely advise Mr Trump. A good leader doesn’t have to know everything. Nobody knows everything that’s why you surround yourself with people who are experts in different areas.

“That’s what makes a good leader. Someone who can motivate the people like that” he said and added, “Trump is aggressive and that is good.”


Bobby is now trying to help fellow veterans by opening a burger chain that will employ ex-soldiers and given them the opportunity to become franchise owners.

He has launched an online fundraising campaign to kickstart the scheme that aims to give veterans careers after they return from serving their country.

The inspiration for the burger joint Bobby hopes to open in San Antonio, called Biggie’s Burger and Great Shakes, is another restaurant of the same name in San Clemente, California, owned by Korean War veteran Richard Brown.

The pair have decided to go into business together and build a chain of Biggie’s restaurants all owned by vets. They are currently raising money on a GoFundMe page to get the scheme started and open the San Antonio branch and have received more than $50,000 in donations so far.

He said: “We are going into partnership to start a franchise for veterans.”

“As each veteran opens one up we will all put money back into a pot to give to another veteran to open one. I’m hiring a veteran as a manager and will hire veterans where I can.”

WOW. This war hero understands the nature of war, unlike Obama and not surprisingly, he just endorsed Donald J. Trump to be our next commander in chief.

(h/t Conservative Tribune)

[Image credits- Daily Mail, Facebook, Twitter, U.S. Army and WireImage]

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