BREAKING: Barack Hussein Obama Just Got BANNED From Russia Because Of THIS


Even though the mainstream news has tried to ignore the release of the Durham Report, International leaders have not. The report exonerates President Trump, proving the accusations that the President worked with Putin to steal the election were made-up by the Hillary Clinton campaign.


It was all garbage paid for by Clinton.

This whole mess has cost 100’s of MILLIONS of dollars and divided the country thanks to these lies.

These people committed crimes that have resulted in part to the destruction of America.

A hell of a lot of people should go to prison for their part in this illegal operation.


Lives were destroyed but Obama and Clinton couldn’t give a crap.

Apparently Putin is pissed off and is taking action.

Russia, which was also accused of election interference, has taken subsequent action, banning numerous Americans from entering Russia. Barak Obama is included in the list of Americans who have been banned from entering the country.

“BREAKING: Fmr President Obama BANNED from entering Russia after release of the Durham Report showing his role in Russiagate”

The Russian ministry said they intended to respond to the US with equal force. Retaliating, if necessary, in equal measure with the steps taken by the Biden administration,

“It is high time for Washington to learn that no hostile attack on Russia will go unpunished. The principle of the inevitability of punishment will be consistently applied, whether we are talking about tougher sanctions pressure or discriminatory steps to hinder the professional activities of our fellow citizens.”

Also included in the list of Americans who are not welcome in Russia are the police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt at the Capitol on January 6, along with New York Attorney General Letitia James, Various Senators and Representatives, Jeffrey Zients; the White House Chief of Staff, leftist late night show host Jimmy Kimmel, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro and many others.

The release of the Durham Report has reminded Americans that evidence was fabricated to frame the opposing party candidate.

Donald Trump endured years of unjust and unlawful investigations, at the tax-payer’s expense, all to influence the elections.

And as of yet, justice has not caught up with those who perpetrated the fraud against the American people, the Republican party, and Donald Trump.

“Lest We Forget: Obama and Biden sat in that August 3, 2016 Situation Room briefing and said, yeah, let’s let the highest officials in our administration fabricate evidence to frame the opposing party candidate Donald Trump.

Pure treason.”

The White House Briefing details that on August 3, 2016, Obama, Biden, the FBI Director, the CIA Director, and many Senior level officials met in the Situation Room at the White House.

They were briefed by CIA Director John Brennan on the allegedly approved Clinton campaign proposal to vilify Donald Trump by creating a Russian scandal claiming foreign election interference.

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Rasmussen Reports nails the issue in one simple question, imagine what would happen if the fraudsters were Republicans rather than Clinton, Obama, Biden, and their cohorts.

Americans long for equal justice under the law, but it does not seem to be in the interest of the “powers that be” to punish criminal behavior. This inaction not only harms those who were accused without merit but the entire country, weary of its leader’s unhindered corruption.

@BarackObama didn’t sit in Jeremiah Wright’s church because he was a good guy, wasn’t racist, and loved America.
He sat in that church because he was the opposite of those things.
Never a day goes by that we don’t feel the repurcussions of his disastrous presidency.
#DurhamReport revealed last week #Obama is guilty of orchestrating a government #coup against his successor, setting up everything in place to ensure Hell was unleashed on #Trump by the #FBI using false allegations and fake evidence dreamed up by #TeamHillary but put to use in the #DeepState by Obama.
Obama needs to be tried, convicted, and imposed.

NOT Trump, #AlvinBragg , but Obama . #Obama, #HillaryClinton and #JoeBiden are criminals and #RussiaGate makes #Watergate look like child’s play in comparison.



Portions of this article were written by Heather Allen at 100 Percent FED Up – reprinted with permission.


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