BOMBSHELL: Here’s Who’s Behind All The FAKE Protests And Riots – It’s NOT…


After the astounding and surprising wins in both the Brexit vote and the American people electing Trump as their president served as a stunning repudiation of George Soros’ and his despicable radical globalist agenda.  The people stood up and spoke….LOUDLY! Except it seems Soros isn’t going down without a fight and he has already begun his paid for chaos and orchestrated paid-for protests at Trump tower.  Now we have the the “casting call, if you will.”



Let’s just call it “the calm before the storm” and say this is what #NotMyPresident look like on the streets. This year has taught in no uncertain terms that protests like Black Lives Matter find their roots and funding in wealthy globalist and supervillain, George Soros. In fact, BLM protests and virtually all anti-Trump unrest in the past year, if not longer, has been at his behest. Essentially, now that Soros and his cronies have lost their bid to control America via the 2016 Presidential Election, they are now going for broke with bird-dogging via groups like Black Lives Matter and their counterparts.  The immediate goal is to tar Trump’s presidency as a kind of “neofascism” before he even takes office.

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Ultimately, the goal is to make America so unstable and violent that Obama would have to order martial law or permit the U.N. to squash all of this supposedly Trump-based violence. As a result, all of these uprisings should be taken with a grain of salt. It seems that the winning Republican camp is extending olive branches to its former opponents, while the worst of the Democratic hordes are trying to intimidate President Elect Trump and anyone publicly associated with him.

So now that the 2016 Presidential Election is over and President Elect Trump has been victorious over George Soros and his minions, what do we do? How do we handle all of this?

  1. Keep your eyes open.  Be wary and be vigilant, especially in urban areas.  Stay armed and give yourself more than one escape route.
  2. Educate others.  I myself had a conversation with a co-worker explaining to me about how by choosing to educate himself and actually READ about the issues at hand, he made the progression from Bernie Sanders supporter and later Hillary to actually casting his vote for Donald Trump based on simply choosing to READ what is available. You know, actual facts and information, not news talking points from the Mainstream Media.

We all know Trump is not “literally Hitler” Rome was not built in a day so we can’t Make America Great Again in one night, nor even a single month.  President Trump is counting on us to pull our own weight. America was great because of her people and she will be again because of the same.

h/t – BombThrowers

Please feel free to comment down below and by all means, cut loose because we have had 8 years of hell and now it’s OUR TURN PATRIOTS! 


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