Ben Carson Just Dropped BRUTAL Bombshell Why He Would NEVER Endorse Ted Cruz

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The conservative world, as well as a lot of liberals were shocked by Dr. Ben Carson announcing his endorsement to the great Donald J. Trump. I know I was surprised. I mean, these 2 guys aren’t exactly like 2 peas in a pod, if you catch my drift.

But many are wondering why Dr. Carson backed Trump over the Canadian born Cuban, Ted Cruz.

Cruz, Carson determined, is a “polarizing figure” who would lose to Hillary Clinton in the general election, MSN reports.

“I think it would be very difficult to convince the independents and Democrats to come over and support him,” Dr. Carson said.

Dr. Carson said he doesn’t think Cruz has appeal beyond a narrow slice of the Republican base.

“I just did not get the impression that Cruz would have the ability to draw in a lot of people other than hardcore conservatives,” he said. “I’m not sure you can win that way. You’ve got to be able to expand. The country has changed and we have to change with it.”

Dr. Carson’s assessments of Rubio and Kasich came down to math.

“I didn’t see a pathway for either,” Carson said. “That was the same reason I dropped out, because I didn’t see a pathway to victory for me.”

My hat’s off to you my good man!

Dr. Carson is an EXTREMELY intelligent man. He is a man of color. And he backs Donald J. Trump- our next PRESIDENT!

God Bless.


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