BREAKING: Ben Carson Makes URGENT Presidential Endorsement, NO ONE Saw THIS Coming

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As you know by now, the great Dr. Ben Carson ended his campaign which has made many of us wonder who the world renowned neurosurgeon would endorse as our next president. We just might have the answer folks!

And the winner is… DONALD J. TRUMP! I knew I loved the Doc!

Dr. Carson says that he is “certainly leaning” toward endorsing former opponent Donald Trump over Ted Cruz, according to BuzzFeed.

Carson told Fox News Radio’s John Gibson said “There’s two Donald Trumps. There’s the Donald Trump that you see on television and who gets out in front of big audiences, and there’s the Donald Trump behind the scenes. They’re not the same person.”

“One’s very much and entertainer, and one is actually a thinking individual. THAT one is someone you can reason with very easily and who is actually very comfortable talking about issues and recognizing that he doesn’t have all the answers. It’s a very different one — it’s a night and day difference.”

So Carson looks to be a Trump supporter.

If you think about it, this makes sense. Dr. Carson is not a Washington politician. Either is Donald Trump.

They are both outsiders. Not to mention, there’s not much to NOT like about Trump’s message.

Hopefully, Trump will benefit from Dr. Carson’s endorsement by getting the patriots that backed Carson to come on over and help us get DONALD J. TRUMP ELECTED!

God Bless.


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